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The Structure of Reality (XV)

As we have seen, time does not exist, so Samsara is a fixed, static field of possibilities.

So, what is «wandering», what gives name to Samsara himself?

The misconception of time is based on the misconception of a self. It is a me that observes, that maintains some kind of continuity of scene on stage. If there is a self, and the scenario is different, it is because there is a change, and there is no change.

There is no past or future. There are different perceptions in each of the moments, but not because they distance them «time», it is because they distance themselves from one’s conscience, which is different, moment by moment.

If we manage to introduce your conditional status just when you were in a test on a specific day at school, you will return to that exact moment.Because that instant is «now» and is «here.» The inter-committee because without time and without distance, to speak now and here is banal, but it gives an idea of ​​what I want to express.

An example of this is in programming. In a program, time is marked by its own program counter. Each program has its own. Well, if at a point in the execution, we restore the values ​​of all the registers and the stack (instantaneously) we will return to that moment. Among the registers is the program counter.

And we can also use the already classic example of the film roll. The roll is here and now, whole. The protagonist passes one or another thing depending on the frame and how the raccord is respected (relationship that exists between the different planes of a film, so that the illusion of sequence does not break in the receiver or spectator), each plane has to be related to the previous one and serve as the basis for the next one.

The raccord in Samsara is the same kamma and as we saw points to the entropy gradient.

If you see a cat, it is because you are just in time to see a cat. And the you who sees the cat only exists at that moment, because the next instant the you is the you who looks at the ceiling.

Everything in Samsara is an illusion, an illusion of time, of space, of movement, of progression, of before, of after, of content, of meaning, of freedom, of will, of plot script.

None of that is real. It is only illusion.

Samsara is illusion even in its very name.

Awakening is seeing it.

Only that.

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