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The Lie of the Value of Life

The existence of a value is the result of the subject’s interpretation of the utility, desire, importance, interest, beauty of the object. That is, the value of the object is to some extent, attributed by the subject, according to their own criteria and interpretation, the product of a learning, an experience, the existence of an ideal even of the notion of a natural order that transcends the subject in all its scope.

The values, therefore, are based on the subjective impressions of liking or dislike, that things produce us and that we project on things.

Life does not escape this definition.

To analyze a value, we can go to the fundamental analysis criterion, which is a value analysis methodology that aims to determine the true value of the security or action, called the fundamental value. This value is used as an estimate of its value as a utility, which in turn is supposed to be an indicator of the future performance expected of it.

For this we are going to project towards the eschatological perspective (from the ancient Greek éskhatos : ‘last’ and logos : ‘study’), that is, from the analysis of the «ultimate realities», that is, beyond death.

Taking perspective, a life is just one of the innumerable states through which all existence passes. Imagine a water molecule. Exists. But every time it exists in a different way. Once it was river, another was rain, another was mud, the next was lettuce. Then it was cow, then fillet, then human, then it was rust, then sewer, then it was sea, then it was krill, then whale, then …

If you ask the water molecule how important it was to be human, it will tell you that it was so many times that it can not remember a certain life. That prefers not to remember because, if not, the existence would be unbearable.

For the water molecule has a much more limited existence than anybody has. In fact, the only thing that could be remarkable would be the possibility of escaping from that endless cycle, but that, as he does not remember, he prefers to believe that every life appears from nothing and goes to nothing, or to sing to the cheap God of Josiah , that as he had no budget for a statue said he was invisible. And not a while, no. Forever.

By magic, things come out of nowhere and return to nothing.

But, perhaps, it is easier to see no further because the dizziness of Samsara nausea. And everyone knows that existential nausea is terrible. In the face of nausea, it is best to take refuge in lies.

The lie is the magic box where humans take refuge to support their existence.

With all this, there are only two kinds of existences, that of the nobleman who is damaged and will be destroyed and that of the servitude of the sons of Māra, those condemned to wander.

So, in reality, the only lives with intrinsic value, as we said with a value perspective, are those that have the possibility of reaching the nobility and who can provide it.And only for that. The rest of life is a dung in a shit rosary.

If we immerse ourselves in the existential lie of the modern human, an effort that must be made to understand its foolishness, the value of life is subject to social interpretation. And fashionable, of course.

The life of a beloved president is not the same as that of a black drug addict on the streets of Baltimore. And even less the life of a victim of «gender violence» than that of the hanged man who commits suicide in silence. The life of a murdered person in a terrorist act is much more than that of the child who floats in the middle of the Mediterranean because it did not fit in the boat.

And this why?

It is evident, there are lives that are taken out of performance and others that do not. Moreover, it is better not to take it out because it can even be counterproductive. We make pumps because they are beautiful, and they are smart and competitive in the market and, in addition, they create many jobs for parents who feed their children meat and drink blood, both from a Yemeni child.

But better, we do not look. True?

Human life, like the others, is quoted according to the agenda of pressure groups.Those that impose different values ​​on equality between human beings. Those that make more equal to some than others.

Seen like that, it’s disgusting. But not much. More nausea gives the truth, because committing suicide only makes everything worse … if that were possible.

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