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The Kamma of the Nations

Everything in Samsara is conditioned, so everything is subject to consequences;and not just the people, also the nations. Nothing escapes the kamma.

The concept of the nation is a modern concept that goes back only to romanticism, linked to poetic figures such as the fatherland, the hero, independence and freedom. Very nineteenth-century concepts that still sell well and constitute a basis for the construction of the lie of nations.

Before the nation was very old the concept of dependent kingdom of a king, sovereign with diversity of titles, which the subject depended. The territories that had a king were not necessarily a political unit, the monarch inherited kingdoms with their own laws and customs and with their own governments and parliaments, in the style of what is now the British Commonwealth: a queen reigning over sovereign nations, except that the king had the last word and the queen of England does not exercise any power. An individual in the world was as respected as his king was. After all, the king’s first obligation was the protection of his vassals.

The French Revolution changes the concept of subject to that of citizen, and the king to the nation. Thus begin to proliferate territories without a king, but nations that are constituted as republics. The legitimacy is not given by God through the King, but it is the Fatherland that is an entity in itself, something like self-generated and independent, that acts as Father and Mother of its new citizens.Instead of referring to a physical person, it is indicated towards the homeland.

The birth of nations happens magically with heroes of legend, parents of a country with a manifest destiny to achieve the ideals of independence, freedom, equality and fraternity. We return again to the founding myths as old as the Mesopotamian kingdoms, and closer to the Greeks and Romans.

The real story is so disgusting that it must be rewritten to make way for the myth.Nations are born of deceit, betrayal, murder, theft and usurpation. They are painful births that are about forgetting by rewriting history and making an external enemy the reason for the reaction to injustice.

History moves by reactions rather than actions. It is something that the inventing poets of history have always been clear about. However, the rulers and the people think that the actions have no consequences, that the short-term objective has been achieved by entering a new space where dependencies and consequences are left behind; a new world where happiness is available to everyone and where historical drift is unattainable.

The individual’s dependence on a nation is usually involuntary. Nobody asks to be born and even less in a certain country or of certain parents. People as soon as they are born put a nationality, apart from a complete package associated with it: a language with which they will think, a religion that will alienate them, a culture that will brutalize them and a homeland that will place them in the world as citizens, as slave, as exploited or as an exploiter.

Being born in a poor nation does not have to be bad, but being born in a rich nation is usually very bad. Wealth arouses envy and often greed and anger.

For example, a millennium ago, the Nordic peoples were poor of solemnity and the peoples of southern Europe were the opposite. This caused the Vikings to wreak havoc with the rich and well-to-do Europeans who saw them as devils from the north without reason or respect, murdered, raped, enslaved and raped them.

International law is based on the law of the jungle. If you are big enough you do what you like, and if you are small you are at the mercy of the big ones. So tribes of nations are mounted around more or less strong leaders, waiting to be defended, while what really happens is that they are violated by their protectors.

It is a school yard without a teacher to watch. So in it strategic games are played between the thugs using the pawns as throwing weapons, all fungible.

The way different countries associate with a braggart is dressed in «ideology», but only nominally. The tax countries of one are called «democratic», those of other «communists», those of other «fascists», etc. But they are not any of that. Only they qualify, as well as tribal denomination. None is anything like that, they just say they are and they defend «principles», which is the way to sell the lowest interest using the lie.

What differentiates the relations between countries of the people is that they use pre-established ceremonies to attack themselves. While among people a few words are enough to start navajazos, between countries usually resort to provocation. And if the victim does not provoke, a false flag attack is organized to blame her and justify an unjustifiable intervention. It serves to sink one’s own ship or demolish a business complex. With this, the «public opinion», that is, the means of power, can elaborate an «adequate and measured» response to «clean up» the affront. With that, the funds for the war are released and the pacifists are silenced by accusing them of being «unpatriotic».

Sometimes, the fifth column is used to destroy the countries. It consists of empowering an opposition group and, if it does not exist, the moment is created and arrived, it is recognized as a legitimate government, supporting it from outside in exchange for the country’s riches. This has the advantage that it is cheaper because the victims are put on both sides by the victims. Civil wars are always the battlefield of foreign powers.

Empowering brother-to-brother hatred is simple since everyone keeps up a fight.What is done is to choose the closest or strongest group and praise it to put it «naturally» over the other. Next, these enlightened exterminate the other group wherever they are, as in Rwanda.

Other times, dissensions within a country are taken out of context and foreign powers are called to help them end «democratically» with the government they do not like. And you can take to the extreme of fighting to leave one-eyed to the others at the cost of becoming blind ones. Malinchism or betrayal, everything looks good in order to «win», as if «winning» represents some benefit.

And everything has consequences. What today you get to someone’s bad, they will take it from someone else. When a bad action is done, it is paid with another bad action, but it does not remain there. The chain continues ad infinitum.

That is known to nations with a long history of civil wars and extensive ditches pregnant with the dead.

Any bad arrangement is better than a good fight, and a bad lawsuit is better than a good war.

Evil produces evil again and again. And the evil of another, sooner or later, the one pays, and then the other, and then the one.

It is not so difficult to read the story. If you knew how to read and if the story did not lie.

Every citizen is the product of the national story, full of lies.

So the citizen is a son and tributary of the lie.

Bad lady to serve.

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