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The Four Levels of Ignorance

Samsara forms around its wanderers four layers of ignorance that isolate them from reality. Each layer is based on the previous one, assuming the ignorance of that underlying layer and adding one more level of ignorance. So, four times.

Each one has before it four walls that surround it and that in themselves are impenetrable to the strengths and capacities of each person. These walls are in his mind and, wherever he thinks he may go, they accompany him as the most iron and hermetic prison.

The upper level, which is where the victim lives, is the Level of Lie. This level is based on the Level of Concepts; this in turn is based on the Coding Level and finally this is based on the Electromagnetic Level.

All these levels are implemented and implemented by the Namā-Rūpa interface, the first two are in Namā and the two lower ones are in Rūpa.

Being the Namā-Rūpa Interface that which is experienced by Consciousness, constitute in itself the world of the perceptible, of experience.

Each of these levels functions as a world of its own with its rules.

The highest level, the one of maximum ignorance is the Level of the Lie, where the vast majority of humans live. The objects he manages are complex concepts that do not respect the rules of conditionality. At this level we find the basic elements of every human culture: religion, politics, economics, money, myths, rituals, ceremonies, education, law, philosophy …

Each and every one of these elements do not respect the conditionality, they are based on non-conditional relations or with false conditions. The individual who inhabits here is moved by these elements whose only intrinsic value is their capacity for replication. It is a false world of complex meme complex sets or memeplexes that compete with each other by seizing the mind of the victim that will act alienated favoring the diffusion of the most successful memes. The truth is not a condition for the success of memes so at this level when it is found it is mediated by networks of lies making these loose truths serve as support for the lies that need them punctually for their replication. The profile of the inhabitant of this level is that of the believer who assumes by faith these elements and their conditioning relationships, who is always in a state of eternal expectation with a foot in an imaginary past and future, too busy to see through them. . This is the level of the permanent objects, the level of the ME as a superior memeplex, the level of the essential of what is unconditionally by itself and the level where pleasant elements are found that trap the victim like the sirens’ songs.

If it is possible to cross the first barrier, using conditionality intensively and discarding everything that does not comply, discarding the magic, the imaginary, the absurd in each and every one of the elements, the person enters inside the prison of the Level of the Concepts Being the concepts words and these are the components of language, we can say that, for the few humans trapped in this level, in the truth of the concepts, that is, in the truth of the lie, the limit of this The world is the limit of language.

Relationships are based on truth, that is, on conditionality or kamma. However, the elements are subjective constructions called concepts that the individual uses as if they were real. The concepts also appear as permanent, although it is rationalized that they are not. Social norms are rejected at this level, as well as all the lies that build social order and general culture. The rejection of the «nomos» of Diogenes, the insight of Wittgenstein, or the pessimism of Schopenhauer are proofs that they got here.

We must understand that the best philosophers have only crossed a barrier to fall into another prison.

It is evident that the Level of the Lie is based on the Level of the Concepts and takes its elements from it, so all the ignorance of this level passes to the superior who is in charge of multiplying it.

The Level of the Concepts is based on the Level of the Codification, named like this because it is verifiable, experienced by the conscience to the being the Rūpa who gives it to him. However, this level is also another idea created by the interface. At the level of Matter we have forms, colors, flavors, sounds, smells, tactile sensations, cold and heat, pain or proprioception, balance or orientation. Actually each element is a type of coding. All these elements, due to their abundance, overwhelm the conscience that immediately resorts to linking these experiences to previous ones, called qualias, to assign them a pointer to them, or concept, and with that handle to trap the qualia and use it as an indirect to it. Being all its elements recreation of the individual are absolutely subjective and are neither communicable nor transportable.

In other words, what you see and hear, feel, taste and smell are sensations that you create yourself through coding and ranking and are not truths but pure ideas.

Being the qualies constituted by encodings are false and it is these qualies that are addressed by the concepts, that is, they are indirect to false elements.

As we see the ignorance in the lower levels is flourishing in the highest.

This level is accessible through the total desconceptualización that is achieved by the absolute pause of all thought during, at least, one hour, extreme unknown for the vast majority of people.

Below this level is the Electromagnetic Level that activates the sensors that we have as the basis of the senses. This is the level of the Input / Output of the Rūpa Interface, but it is not experimental as such, but reprocessed in the form of codes.This level forms the basis of the coding settles.

But this level is also ignorance. The energy and therefore the electromagnetic, as well as the matter, are not in themselves such, but pure information and the dimensions in which the energy and the matter move, space and time, are useful misconceptions to explain the properties that are they present us, but only that.Time does not exist and space is codependent of time, so if one does not exist, the other does not exist either.

In the end, behind everything there is only information in the form of immovable conditions, invisible but unbreakable and the inhabitants of Samsara wander through them, creating them and suffering them in a continuous going entropically towards the maximum disorder: the lowest of all the hells.

Four levels that block your sight towards disaster. Happy or unhappy in a succession of recyclable temporary capsules, you irremediably go to the bottom.

What does it matter if the film in your capsule is interesting, funny, intriguing or moving?

Ignorance does something worse than killing: make you live again to kill you again.You can not escape from Death, you are a slave of Māra.

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