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Suffering is not Human

It is increasingly clear that suffering is a perverse and indirect effect of culture. The human being, when surrendering to it, abandoned his best qualities and, instead of obtaining pleasure, happiness and joy in a direct way, he fell into the hands of the sensual pleasures and of the forms that is what the memes can divulge. Instead of cultivating himself, he indulged in a vortex of pleasure seeking where he is not, out there.

Also, thanks to culture, these subhumans, who would not have an evolutionary future, have proliferated extensively.

Thousands of years later, that fatiguing search has resulted in a hominid with a small brain, suffering and dependent on society to satisfy their needs for pleasure, happiness and joy that he did not have before.

Suffering is not intrinsically human and the proof is that you can stop suffering.

It is not here that those who have eradicated suffering are supermen or superwomen, or exceptional people. They are human without further adjectives. The abnormal is having degraded to the point of suffering. The same suffering acts as positive feedback because it shrinks and further degrades the brain, an effect that passes to the next generations through epigenetics, and thus increases their capacity for suffering.

The brain for its proper functioning needs to have its neurotransmitters perfectly balanced. This is evident. And the natural mechanism is to regenerate them directly. More evident still.

But a poor brain, disabled, unskilled, will seek through communication, memes, the way to solve it. Every society starts from a culture within which the way of trying to solve these deficiencies is external and that is where the addictions to attitudes, substances, advantages, behaviors that indirectly provide a bit of these drugs are born. These addictions give rise to attachment and this, obviously, to suffering.

So if we look around us what we see are hungry spirits. Thirsty for money, for sex, for drugs, for power, for success, for emotions … that can not satisfy them because they do not have what to do, because they do not have the capacity to do it for themselves, and by achieving it outside they will never be able to satisfy them.

The hungry spirits are called petas, and they are between the human and the animals and is one of the kingdoms of misfortune in Samsara.

Suffering is from petas, not humans.

Do you suffer?

Do you understand now that mysticism is NOT a luxury, but a basic necessity?

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