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Out of Reach

Nothing is by chance and nothing depends on a single condition.

There are people who go through life but he does not know what he is living.

There are people who realize that they are alive, but he does not understand his situation.

There are people who, understanding their situation, They do not do anything to solve it.

There are people who, understanding their situation and trying to solve it, They do not find the form and they get lost.

There are people who, understanding their situation and wanting to solve it they find the solution, prefer not to see it.

There are people who see the solution, but neither does it resolve itself nor does it try to do so.

There are people who try, that is serious, that he starts practicing real and he does not achieve it.

There are people who, without effort, practice and achieve it, but when it does, it rejects it.

For all these, the Dhamma is beyond their reach. And the reason is none other than the load of kamma that carries dragging on that makes them fools, paralytics, disoriented, blind, lazy, useless or incapable.

It is not that the Dhamma does not work, it is that you are the one that does not work.

It is a lie that the Dhamma is for everyone.

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