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It is difficult for a fish to describe water, just as it is difficult for humans to describe the air, it is even more difficult to describe ourselves, agents of kamma, because we are no more than that, packets of kamma immersed in the kamma of which Samsara is composed.

The description of something is made based on distinctive characteristics with respect to the rest. How to describe what is the only thing that exists, what everything is made of? Here, once again and perhaps the most characteristic example, the words are over. You can not understand kamma from pure reasoning.The kamma can only be understood if it is seen.

Too close to see, it is necessary to move away to describe it. And how can you get away from that which is everything, that impregnates everything? For that is one of the most useful abhiññās, the one used by the Buddha himself in his enlightenment: seeing the kamma as it is, key to everything because it is the problem to be solved. Seeing the correct question is true Wisdom. Answering the questions is just a matter of analysis, intuition and time. The Divine Eye:

Collection of Medium Length Discourses MN 85. With Prince Bodhi

«Then, with the mind thus concentrated, completely purified, clear, blameless, free of impurities, malleable, ready for action, balanced, immutable, I directed it towards the knowledge of the birth and death of beings. With the purified divine eye, which goes beyond the human, I saw the beings dying and reappearing, I met the inferior, superior, beautiful, ugly, fortunate and unfortunate beings according to their previous actions, and I knew: ‘Certainly, the beings of bad body behavior, verbal misconduct, mental misconduct, insulting the Nobles, who hold misconceptions, whose actions are derived from misconceptions, after the death and decomposition of the body, reappear in perdition, in a bad destiny , in places of suffering, in the underworld. But those beings of good corporal behavior, of good verbal behavior, of good mental behavior, who do not insult the Nobles, who hold true conceptions, whose actions are derived from true conceptions, after the death and decomposition of the body reappear in a good destiny , in some celestial world. ‘

«Thus, with the purified divine eye that goes beyond the human, I saw the beings dying and reappearing, I met the inferior, superior, beautiful, ugly, fortunate and unfortunate beings, and I knew that they were reborn according to their previous actions.

«This, Prince, was the second knowledge I achieved in the second third of the night. Ignorance vanished and knowledge arose, darkness vanished and light emerged, as happens when one remains alert, constant and diligent.

If you do not develop the Divine Eye you can not see the kamma, just as the fish that does not get out of the water and fly high can not see the sea. But if you see it, you begin to be clear about the problem. And you start to see people who insult infernal beings in their bad destiny. It is not that they are blank, clean people who when they commit the evil act «condemn» themselves to hell, that is a misconception that has impregnated the false conceptions of kamma for centuries and that have led to absurd interpretations of the Dhamma, very common in scholastic texts and that only lead to perdition. When you see the eyes, when you hear the words, when you read between the lines you are seeing someone with a very long history who has come to transgression because he can not do anything else. He is a hellish being to whom hell is claiming him, who pulls him, who pulls him.

What compassion can you have for «something» like that?

It is so, because it is his kamma, because he is his kamma. Insults because he is insulting, because he is hell. His insult is from him, it is not a gift to receive. It is the drug dealer who gets hooked on his own drugs, the arms dealer who kills himself with his own weapons.

Freedom is the ignorance of introspection.

Nothing can be done for him. There is no magic Nobody illuminates anyone.

Transforming oneself makes oneself. You are made of pure kamma and only the kamma can transform the kamma. You are like a billiard ball on a table where you hit everything and everything hits you. You carry your address and speed. It’s your address and your speed. You’ve been like that for so long, so many lives, that it’s disrespectful to think about influencing to change your trajectory, especially when you’re thrown into hell.

Or to heaven.

In the end, I do not know what will be worse, good or bad.

To be bouncing in Samsara, up and down, is like the stock market charts, but you only see the current trend, not the general one. And when you’re up there, you do not see that you get close to the bubble’s puncture and that everything you have at your feet is a hole that leads you to hell or, on the contrary, after a long negative streak, in which you only see the negative , the rush is waiting for you.

The beings in Samsara are myopic, they only see what they have within a hand’s breadth of their noses, not a little more. So how can they see the problem?

Your problem.

Collection of Medium Length Discourses MN 135. Cūḷakammavibhaṅgasutta

«Beings are owners of their actions, student, heirs of their actions; they originate from their actions, they are linked to their actions, they have their actions as their refuge. It is the action that distinguishes beings as inferior and superior «.

Keep it up, myopic, you’ll see the smack you’re going to get.

So you know why I never tire of laughing …

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