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Bodhisatta is the name given to a being who aspires to Bodhi or Awakening. Originally only in relation to the last life of a Buddha, especially after leaving home, in contexts such as «in the days before my Awakening, when I was only a Bodhisatta».

Who aspires to wake up does not have more aspirations than this one.Awakening is not compatible with home, work, country, friends, beliefs, attachments, teachers or traditions, or belongings, or sects.

Whoever aspires to awaken must shed everything before beginning the effort. Even of his own convictions.

If you do not enter naked, you do not enter.

The Buddha, before he awoke when he was the Bodhisatta, first detached himself from his family, from his work and from his country. He began to wander in search of teachers. When he found them he must have decided to live like them or the Awakening. And he always chose to wake up. Then, when he apparently did not have anything, he submitted to the harshest penances until he realized that even that must be discarded: from his own points of view and his way of life.

He even had to let go of the life of penance and his penitent friends who, seeing him eat, rejected him.

And thus he achieved the Awakening. The Awakening is a very jealous girlfriend who does not appear until you are alone and naked. Naked even of ideas.

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