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Who Obligates You?


Who forces you to kill your mother?

Who forces you to kill your father?

Who forces you to murder an arahant?

Who forces you with hatred in your heart to shed the blood of a Buddha?

Who forces you to cause a schism in the Sangha of a Buddha?

Who forces you to have a teacher who is not a Buddha?

Who forces you to win the most terrible of hells?

Who forces you to drag your unhappy existence through terrible lives?

Who forces you?

Your attachment binds you, your unconditional adherence to ignorance.

A thousand times you read, you do not understand.

Your ignorance tore your eyes.

A thousand times you look, you will not see.

Your ignorance alienated you.

Suck your poison, you experience suffering.

Ignorance for pain

Who forces you?

Who forces you to follow the disciple of the Mara to the underworld?

Who are you to drag those you say you love, with you?

Who forces you?

You force yourself.

You pay for it.

You, and who appreciates you.

You, and who respects you.

It’s not just that you’re ignorant, that you are.

It’s not just that you’re stupid, that you are.

It is that you are evil.

But you are not a bad person.

You are worse than a bad person.

Follow where you’re going,

Dancing in Samsara

Do what you came to do

And sink into torment.

You are already an expert in suffering, like your master.

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