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Try and Failure

For those whose world is built by bricks of language that different individuals have been placing them, who were never builders of their prison, it seems inconceivable that they can know without studying.

» Everything is in the books»

This is a mantra that has even been used as the title of a television program of literary criticism. (It really sounds like » everything you find in the trash «)

The first thing you say is, it’s absurd, before there were books someone had to know … it’s what they call researchers, inventors, thinkers.

It does not matter, they claim that all research involves collecting a couple of hundred books and rehashing them all.

Well, but there will be a book that is not a rehash, the first book could not be a rehash.

It does not matter either. They claim that before the books was the oral tradition.

Well, someone has come up with the legend …

Neither. If necessary, the amates of the books point you to God who, in the end, is the author of the greatest bestseller in History.

He who does not see denies the existence of light, and shows it to you with all kinds of reasoning for which he has achieved a PhD in Applied Blindness.

Computer science is the science that is based on the principle of:

» If so, it’s because it was like that.»

And any theory that contradicts what works, does not work. He does not waste a minute remembering it.

How many times have you faced a problem with the computer in which you have exhausted all the possibilities of consultation? Everything you have seen on the internet does not work and you do not find how to fix it.Almost nobody throws away a computer just because there is a problem not described.

And what is done?

You turn to the «computer genius», that friend who knows a lot and who you abuse every time something happens to you. For you it is a social act to give work and not pay, it is your way of «valuing». And if that genius is yourself, you can not even protest the commission.

And you start to touch things. Install, uninstall, delete, disconnect, reboot, reinstall, block, block … So for a more or less defined time and we do not know how or why … it works!

This normal example is the best way to prove to the book-loving dunce that nothing is really interesting in books. And what comes is a lie, it does not work. The world changes so quickly that when something reaches a book reality has left it behind, and when you want to get to the University will be a paleontological knowledge.

The new knowledge, the one that is born of the investigation, of the trial and error, of a bottomless imagination, ends when you find the solution and apply that of:

«If so, it’s because it was like that.»

As we know what we have done, that is, as we have fixed it (without knowing it a priori, of course), the error was right in what we have fixed and the fix needed to repair it is just the arrangement we have used.

Although a solution does not usually serve more than just that once, the important thing is to do it many times and develop mastery in solving what has no solution. This is something that I have been doing for forty years. It is said soon. Intelligence is much more useful than memory. Of course, accompanied by the same amount of perseverance than imagination and patience.

Look, it’s easy.

Just as blind people deny light, fools deny intelligence.

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