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The Wealth

The sustainable transformation of nature is what enables the survival of any living being in the long term. This transformation requires energy that, after all, either comes from the sun or from the energy materials. The human being is an example of this and it has been the kind of domain of energy that has conditioned his success as a species.

The generation of wealth, and understand wealth as the accumulation of goods, is given by another truth, the theory of capital. There are few animals that can use it, but it is not only the human who uses it.

The goods that are used to be consumed, such as food or clothing, are called consumer goods. Every living being is dedicated to getting the consumer goods he needs to survive, which occupies most of his time.Raciocinio led man to design technological elements that made it easier to obtain consumer goods. But for this he had to use part of his time and the assets that he could have accumulated to dedicate himself to the manufacture of these utensils. This is what is called «investment», that is, it uses consumer goods to get rid of having to go and look for them and be able to spend that time in manufacturing the tools. These utensils are called production goods.

In the same way, production goods are susceptible to being manufactured by other production goods and so on, in such a way that a high-level tool is capable of generating an infinite number of consumer goods. This is what progress is based on: less and less time is spent on getting consumer goods and more and more time and resources in manufacturing production goods.

Similarly, each new level requires both savings and investment.

Trade becomes an essential part because thanks to it you can have access to goods that are needed in exchange for others that do not, so that it is not necessary to manufacture everything, or have all the necessary inputs, but you can specialize in a well in particular.

Thus, the free circulation of goods and people leads to the generation of wealth.

If we invent a border through which neither goods nor people can pass, both parties are harmed by not having what the other has left and that one is missing and vice versa. A teacher would die of starvation and a farmer would be condemned to ignorance. Fair trade favors both parties equally.

Such a world would be a world without borders with free transit of people and merchandise, where investment is based on savings and debt is unthinkable.

This scheme feeds positively generating more and more wealth.

But everything has a balance and, unfortunately, wealth attracts thieves.The greater wealth, the more thieves capable of consuming it completely.

Human greed shares its infinity with human stupidity, and stupidity is exploited thanks to the lie, which thus constitutes the source of the energy of human greed.

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