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The Tree of History (II). The Change

You can not understand the evolution of religions without understanding how the Change Thymus works. A change is a change made in a fraudulent way and is synonymous with cheating, swindling, giving a pig for a hare or defrauding.

Religion is taught since children. More than teaching, it is teaching. And faith is used to fix it and magic so children can understand it. The infantile mind, incapable of analyzing and understanding the conditionality of phenomena, easily assumes the magical explanation and learns by faith.

Then, as adults, religion becomes part of the identity, such as the nation, class or football team. It is a very early knowledge that the individual will use in his mental development as a basis to integrate new knowledge. Accept or reject based on what you know. Therefore, teaching from a young age is simple and very effective. It is really difficult for an individual to question even their own identity, so what is associated with it will keep it well guarded.

Religion has two aspects, on the one hand, the doctrinal one that is based on a myth and that evolves through magical leaps and not through a logical conditionality. This myth is introduced into the mind of the devotee and becomes merged with him. The devotee understands the world and what happens through the doctrinal vision of his religion.

The second aspect is the political one. An association between the myth and a nominal political organization is created. Whoever owns the name of the religion is the one who has authority over the myth and therefore over the devotee. This is a very powerful type of manipulation and since time immemorial the rulers have used religion to win the favor and terror of their subjects. In this way, the conscience of each individual becomes the most effective police (and inspector of Finance) of the ruler. For this, it is precisely the rulers who drive the doctrine, leaving a body of thieves, the «priests» the power of administration of the myth.

It happens that religion survives the author and continues to function, but always administered by that body of thieves, flourishing or dwindling as it serves the purposes of the new rulers.

The problem arises when a ruler wants to take the favor of the devotees without counting on the priests, or stealing them directly. This is when religions are «born».The difficulty is in the enormous mental inertia that exists in the mind of the devotees, for what we have spoken.

This is where Timo del Cambiazo enters.

What is needed is a very strong pattern, economically and politically (historically a king, emperor, pharaoh or similar) and then develop a doctrine very similar to the previous, so that it does not produce rejection, and what is done is to change the name to the objects of worship. What is Isis before, then is the Virgin Mary and what is now the goddess Tonantzin is now the Virgin of Guadalupe. Then we identify Mary with Guadalupe and we have the Tlaxcaltecan Indians worshiping an Egyptian goddess with the same fervor as always, except that now they obey a bishop instead of the shaman of the tribe.

The patron, who benefits from the whole plot, encourages «conversion» and that is done by using taxes, extracting resources from the pagans to give them to the converts as «acts of charity» and simultaneously coercion, using the monopoly of the state force against the reluctant. Bonfire, inquisition, torture, expulsions, confiscations, etc. Like children, or candy or sneaker.

In this way, people still believe the same, only changing the names … and priests, put by the boss. In this way, with the changeover, the unshakable adherence of the subjects is achieved, now also converted into devotees.

Afterwards, the priests will dedicate themselves in their free time, and all their time is free, to organize the cult, to make a theology, to write canonical laws, to constitute ecclesiastical courts, to condemn heretics (individuals who think what they want, not what they are. order), infiltrate science, corrupt knowledge, etc. And to administer an immense fortune donated by devotees who, for that, are thieves: they are paid to be robbed.

Hence, religion serves to kill each other, because the gods do not really face, but devotees of some gods against the devotees of other gods, who are nothing but unhappy subjects of some sovereigns against other sovereigns, but believing that they are fighting for the hereafter and eternal life. That is something that with money is not paid. With ignorance, yes.

And faith is ignorance.

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