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The Tree of History (I). Judaism

It is really curious what happens with History. Like any phenomenon, and she is, it is conditioned. And this implies that the cause tree is applicable to it. Any realhistorical event is conditioned by existing conditions and these in turn by previous ones.

We know that the magic is not conditioned, simply because it is a lie.

Well the shocking thing is that if we are when an event occurs we can not know the consequences it will have, although we are in the place and time where you can verify what is necessary. However, only in the future will we know what facts are really significant and have their roots in the present. But we are no longer in this present, so that what we can affirm about this present is subjectivity in some cases and in the lie in the rest.

History is the social construction of who we are . And it is used for that, to build identities. It is enough with a historian and a poet so that between the two they invent a past that will determine you and your country, race, religion or ideology.

You are what they have told you that you are and you can not go to the past to prove it.

I know it sounds like a secret lethal agent movie that has been brain implanted with a false identity that it assumes without hesitation. It sounds strong, but it’s like that. And like a serial Bourne, you’ll be willing to fight, work, strive, give your life and your goods for a higher good … which is nothing more than the idea of ​​a thief.

The case of the «religions of the Book», which have infected 43% of all humanity is a paradigmatic example of all this. Some say that most can not be wrong. You are right. Not only can, but usually is or always is …

Magical history always uses » creationism «, that is, a punctual fact of magical origin that arises from nothing, creation, is what causes determining changes in the history of humanity. Come on, everyone is so calm and suddenly something happens that changes everyone’s life, like a giant meteorite.

No one has seen any giant meteor fall, but the magic is in all hearts … of the ignorant infantiloids. Adopting a magical story is simple, like any lie, but, in addition, the lies of History always have a poetic aspect that helps your complete and enthusiastic swallowing.

The magical history of the religions of the Book is well known, but we are going to repeat it to analyze the multiplicity of magical elements that they contain.

There was once an Egyptian prince who rebelled against the powerful pharaoh with the help of Yahweh and achieved the liberation of the Hebrew slaves through coercion by various kinds of plagues, including the murder of the firstborn.Curiously, the pharaoh, who should be firstborn, did not die. Nearly 600,000 men are thrown into the desert, with no family and no less than two million, and they are pursued by the pharaoh who perishes with all his army in the middle of the sea because his chariots are slower than the Hebrew elders running by the bed of the Red Sea. After that, those two million people roam a tiny desert for forty years on a route that is not done in 15 and a half hours by car and they had proved to be faster than the Egyptian cars.

Then they fall like the locust on Canaan with no more title than the one Yahweh had given them, massacring all that was there and conquering the «promised land.»

Then there is a series of stories with fantastic heroes like Samson and Delilah, until Yahweh decides to create a monarchy. Name Saul and frog and then David, a guy with a more than dubious moral, fantastic hero who defeats a giant of a stone, gives a coup with the support of the clergy of the time and is constituted as king of Judah. We do not learn, in passing, that there is another neighboring kingdom, that of Israel but that joins that of Judah through Solomon, heir of David. This makes a fantastic temple to worship Yahweh as the One God and becomes the beacon of civilization of the Eastern Mediterranean.

But since they are bad and are dedicated to strange cults, the worship of Baal and others are «foreign» influences, Yahweh is angry and destroys the kingdom of Israel, although he sends his prophets to alleviate the situation of his people.

More or less is what the stories and stories collected by King Josiah in his library, called The Bible, with elements of Babylon of which he was an ally. What this guy wanted was to mount a fantastic story to reclaim the Land Promised by Yahweh, through his own figure as King in the monarchy established by Yahweh, over the disappeared kingdom of Israel and not over his very poor territory of Judah. wren, and with capital in Jerusalem where Solomon supposedly built the magnificent temple, where it was obligatory that all the Judeans were to deliver their annual obbolo. He used elements of his time, such as the Persian idea of ​​abstract gods and not physical statues like so far in his area, and myths like the flood and everything else.

Josiah’s idea was none other than to create a foundational myth to claim his right to possessions of which he had no right. It’s like the one that falsifies property deeds.As usual, he «finds» all the documents in a magical way (he will not say that he has commissioned them to falsifiers and poets, remember the importance of poets in the falsification of history) and claims his right to rule over Canaan .

This scoundrel was not well resourced, so he set up a single temple because he had no more and no statue, probably because of budgetary restrictions. Having a single temple is not only the cheapest, but centralizes the collection of taxes (there is no religion without money behind). So we owe the concept of «One God» because it is «abstract» to Josiah’s lack of funds.

Yahweh was one of the hundreds of gods that were worshiped in that area. And the Judeans were Canaanites who originally had the taboo of pork. For the rest, apart from being poorer than rats and trading with the rich kingdom of Israel and thanks to the collapse of the peoples who dominated the area, they stayed with it.

And no, there is not a single archaeological evidence of the two million Jews camping in the Sinai desert, which was part of Egypt like all of Canaan, for 40 years, there is not even Mount Sinai. Moses took his people out of Egypt to take them to … Egypt.

Liar rudely about the past at that time was free because no one was alive who could say otherwise and no one would think of inventing archeology just to harm Josiah.

The story ends badly for Josiah because of the geopolitics between Egypt and Babylon.

This is the founding myth of Judaism, which continues to run with the centuries.

Another of the myths is the concept of «chosen people», as a prodigious race that roams the world with the condemnation of all and with the hope of the promised land. That myth is very modern, of the current Zionism, precisely to cover the majority group of Judaism that are the non-Semitic Turkmen Khazars, called Ashkenazis determined to achieve a state in a foreign land, using the foundational myth of foundation again.

This myth is based on the fact that Judaism is not proselytizing, which is false. In fact, the powerful Khazar empire in the Ukrainian and southern steppes of Russia became a mass of Judaism because its two neighbors, the Byzantine Empire, Christian on one side and on the other, the Caliphate of Baghdad was Muslim. They could not be neither one nor the other, so they became mass to Judaism to maintain regional balance.

And when their empire fell they emigrated to the north of Germany and from there they dispersed by the north of Europe. And today they are the leading voice of Judaism and world Zionism and handlers of anti-Semitism when they, in addition to not being Semites (they are Turks), are dedicated to massacring the Semites (Arabs). Myths are used to steal and kill with impunity.

The myth that Judaism is not proselytizing is based on the prohibition that Constantine made them to favor the religion he had commissioned. And to explain that there are Jews all over the world, the myth of the diaspora that supposedly happened after the destruction of the new temple of the Idumeo Herod (it was not Jewish as the majority even at that time) on the part of Titus is used. However, there was a much more important rebellion sixty years later and another seventy years later the Jews enjoyed their golden age in Palestine.

What Judaism had was a tremendous popularity in the Roman Empire that Constantine used to mount a new religion that would decisively help him in his coup d’etat against the other regents of the Empire.

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