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The Structure of Reality (XVIII)

Reality depends on the observation capacity of the observer.

What an observer does not observe, does not exist. And if the observation is deficient, the reality is deficient.

The culture is based precisely on deficit observation in order to get their elements can replicate and spread, These elements are the memes. Among them, words play a fundamental role in the construction of the world in humans.

The words serve to replace the reality by reducing it, homogenizing it and packaging it in interchangeable units among a group of observers who are familiar with the packaging rules and their use, to carry out the necessary communication between them so that these memes can spread, infecting the observers replacing the observation of the real and submerging them in mental constructions created from words.

To homogenize is to substitute several precepts for a single one that is assigned by imitation among several observers, an assignment imposed by culture.

For example, two observers pointing to an object say it is «green.» That does not mean that the object is green, in fact, the object does not have «color».The color is created in the observation … but of each one.

If A observes and says «green», B observes and learns that the object he sees is «green» in color. Observer A sees «green.» If A gets in the observation of B, that same object can be perfectly «purple». But if the green color of A is called «green» and the purple color of B is taught to be called «green», we get two observers to observe the same thing . It is an obvious trap.

This mission of reality translator is developed by the language and thanks to this, the communication between words makes sense. Because words are used for communication … or not?

Words that are communicational tokens thus become the bricks of mental construction. Thanks to them two observers can «see» a «tree».

It is evident that the «trees» are not seen. The result of the observation is used and immediately its container word is looked for. From that point on, the container is used, not observation.

It’s like garbage containers. There can be an infinity of waste of all kinds and conditions, but when you throw them away, it ends up being paper, plastic, glass or organic waste. The language does the same thing: instead of seeing a past apple, you see «organic waste», the same residue you see looking at the hamster that has died.

Is a rotten apple the same as the corpse of my little rat? As it turns out, for language, it is. And thanks to them, different observers agree that they observe organic waste pointing the same direction. And it is true. Now that … what is really an «organic waste» for each of them?

The language introduces a level of astronomical ignorance. But it is not a homogenous level. It depends on the language and also on the skill in its use that determines the reality for ordinary humans.

Typical example in the word «white».

The Inuit have 50 words to define «snow». Any of us will look like a perfect imbecile trying to explain to an Inuit what the snow he just saw was like.«It’s snow» … «But what snow?» … «Well, snow, white» …

With ice, the same.

Translators know this very well, when they face things that have no meaning in another language, or that can not be translated.

And as it turns out that humans use words for what they should not use, which is to construct reality, through their misuse in the elaboration of thought, what they get is to create a reality that is a caricature.

And if, in addition, they are ignorant even of their own language, the reality they create is blocks. Container blocks of everything. Thus they are even able to decorate their house with a pair of 20-foot containers.«Furniture», another «furniture», «bed» …

Until relatively recently, people used 300 words for everything. Now, in the realm of cell phones and icons, if the face is not there you can not feel that way.

  1. «How will I have spleen problems if I do not even know what the spleen is?»

It is obvious that, although there is no spleen for you, the spleen conditions you.

But not only is this. Using such a sparse number of words, the possibility that communication includes some information tends to zero. In the end, few words that do not finish saying anything.

In the world of communications we are getting to say nothing.

The culture uses words as a crutch so that the individual does not have to think. Instead of teaching children to think, they are taught to talk. And, right after, to memorize. In the end, all you need to do is identify a problem and assign the solution. The child never designed the problem, he was only trained to identify it and give it a name and, from there, look for the solution that he has not elaborated either.

A verbal brain, of an association of facts with words and words with other words, and everything resolved in the sphere of language ends up degrading due to lack of use.

Some people are very proud of the successes of the human race, in the form of culture. Thanks to the language only a handful of them had a day to think, the rest with learning to speak and read have enough. Seen from a distance we are before a group of entities mediated by programming units that condition them. In other words, the few who think and are capable of infecting their memes are functionally the programmers of a society of brainless robots.

A group programs and the masses obey.

So myths, religions, ideologies have been infecting brains unable to reason and their rules, ceremonies, behaviors, ethics, codes have been recorded in these little heads whose function is identification and subsequent execution, like any cybernetic device of old generations.

Thus, a myth of language such as Jesus Christ that was created by order of the Emperor of Rome for use in his political fights has resulted in an infection on a planetary scale of no less than 2.2 billion people, 31% of the population living, prays and works according to the characteristics programmed by Lucio Lactancio that could never guess the disaster that caused when accepting the order.

For those who «Jesus lives» he does in a dimension of his reality that, based on words, does not need to go outside. For that there is the myth of faith.Thanks to faith, it is not necessary to ask for proofs, the meme lives on its own without being questioned and even identified as the «invisible friend» who speaks to him and knows him, despite sticking to logic and evidence.A virally spread programming that caused a pandemic.

People living and creating a reality inside a delirium in which they entered as children and will never leave it.

This is another application of language: the cancellation of the mind to observe reality.

Wittgenstein said that what we do and what we are is what gives meaning to our words, therefore it is the context or language game in which we find that determines the way they see the world (which is the result of their social interaction) and that vision will directly depend on my language: «the limits of my language are the limits of my world» and people are always colliding with the cage in which their language encloses them.

As we see, a small and sordid world, full of mental viruses that proliferate without control and that turn the masses of human brains into «the machines of memes».

It is painful that after thousands of years of «culture» no answer has been found to any worthwhile question. But it is pathetic that people, in view of the fact that language is incapable of solving because it is locked in its own tiny sphere, look for a solution in …. the books!

As if the hoaxes written on a paper magically acquired the attribute of Truth, just for being «black on white».

In this «global village» where there is nothing left to say since everyone is infected by the latest update of cultural viruses, the scarce information that hypercommunications carry are the very means by which they are disseminated.

Nothing to say, just the novelty of where the infection has come from.

And everything from that, to the baby, future finite automaton, it is begun to program installing a language that will serve him to execute the instructions that, without a doubt, will be introduced to him in the school, in the institute, in the university, in the work and in your life.

Finite automata of a dollar.

Automata that have stopped observing, to create reality, to understand reality. Automatons that, according to our own definition, are more dead than alive.

And they keep looking in the books …

Faithful to its programming.

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