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The Structure of Reality (XVI)

The observers in the Samsara behave like a child playing with the dry leaves that they find where they are going. There are no leaves until the child observes them, they are created in the eyes of the child, depending on the conditionality of the child, within an infinity of probabilities. The probabilities are there. Infinity According to whoever observes them, they will appear like that.

For the child everything happens rhythmically with the beat of the clock, of his watch.

While the child sees and touches the leaves, his dog observes smells.

And the flea on the dog, temperature.

Each observer observes his Samsara plot, while what he really does is collect kamma and it is that kamma that takes him to the next situation.

In each situation the observer changes, because their conditionality is different.

At a specific moment the observer contains a finite set of conditions that determine him. Therefore, the observer can observe his own kamma and there he will find all his past lives. Because the lives are only spent for that same observer, since the past is there, in his kamma.

Each new condition changes the moment, and each moment changes the observer.

And just as each animal creates its own reality, which is verifiable effectively, we can communicate with them, as long as that communication is possible.

One of the conditions is that they share a compatible space-time.

There are different kinds of observers, because of the level of reality they are capable of achieving. We humans have senses that specify this known reality. Animals in dependence on their different senses do the same, but not only are these observers, there are also with different senses and even without them, with clocks running at very different speeds.

In particular there are no two observers alike, not even moment by moment, but we can give you the license to divide them according to their subjective level of disorder. So those with low levels of disorder will call them devas, and there are very important differences between them. At lower entropy, we will qualify them according to Buddhist terminology as «higher» devas, and higher, «lower» devas.

The level of concretion of the reality of the human has more disorder than the devas, but less than the animals.

Observers with high levels of entropy, correspond to those who are in hell, not because they are physically in a certain horrible place, but because the reality they specify is extremely unpleasant and, above all, sickly changing.

As we saw, at every moment, an observer with a reality that can coagulate.

There are no «observers» in time. What does underlie is its package of conditions that determine its form of relationship with the fixed Samsara.This package, over time, causes the flow of conditionality to lead to generating observers that can be in any of those categories.

If an observation package falls into the misconception of believing the illusory character, he will check with terror how «death» will exterminate him. There will be no more character on the screen. But that they kill the protagonist does not make the film stop or that the observer stops looking at the film. The «observer» will begin to create a new «character» endowed with other senses and occupy another level of entropy. This way it goes from «life» to «life», without having anything that passes from one to another, but only the cinematographic illusion that is not real but illusory, rather than the package of conditions, the kamma.

Obviously the only way to stop the movie is to get up and leave Samsara.And this can only be done by dissolving the ignorance that binds us to him.See how it is, see how it works, check the illusion are necessary to do something as simple but as difficult as getting up and turn off the projector.

Ignorance is what conditions the attachment to the character, its existence or its non-existence, life or suicide. But at the level of projection nothing is real, it is not the field where the real takes place.

While you believe that you are the character, forget it. There you will remain from character to character, losing the memory from time to time, which is another effect of ignorance. Have Alzheimer’s in an armchair in a residence watching a movie in which the caregiver has told you it’s you.And you believe it.

Tomorrow you will be something else.

The emotion does not stop.

Look and shut up.

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