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The Structure of Reality (XIV)

Emotions, the erroneous conception of free will and the concepts of good and evil are ways in which ignorance acts.

If we put ourselves from the real perspective, we have an observer coagulating a fixed reality, without the ability to vary it. Emotions like that have no meaning. No motivating or dissuasive force is needed. Emotions do not give a pattern to follow, they are not a priori elements that determine or at least condition a behavior. Nor the ideals of good and evil.

Good and evil are concepts that fall for their own absurdity.

What is good?

We can say that it would be that set of behaviors that brings pleasant consequences. The same can be said about evil, except that it would have unpleasant consequences. But, as we have seen, the conditions are eternal and their capacity to generate consequences is unlimited. A condition that is causing something good, in the future will cause bad, good, regular things … and not only it, but the same causes that give place that are, in turn, new conditions.

The good thing would be that which produces a good and stops, no longer gives more consequences, but the «stop» is something inconceivable. The kamma does not bear fruit and stops there. It goes on and on through itself and its fruits. We can give an example:

We consider it good to win the lottery. That produces an increase in wealth. Well, most of the lottery winners have ended their lives shattered within 5 years. Similarly, losing everything leads to a crisis situation that is what can cause a real personal revolution that can lead to improvement in everything having been rid of the impediments that in the old situation prevented this growth. And so.

It is more usual than it seems that «good» actions cause obvious evils. For example, known is that lending money to a friend leads to losing money and the friend. Much more is suffered by «kindly» works than by any other.

To act «kindly» for the sake of a higher good is to leave everything to a concept by which, again, ignorance is disguised.

Acting «kindly» because that way «I feel good», again, is to leave it to the biochemical reactions of the brain that nothing can know of consequences. It is another form of ignorance: emotions.

With how easy it is to clear ignorance. Be aware of the trip and look, just look and not mount a movie that one is an actor instead of a simple observer of reality. And that reality is there waiting to be created only because we are seeing it.

The first thing is to detach from the emotions and see them for what they are, the ancestral reactions of a brain that fights for its survival and replication without knowing anything about the computation of the almost infinite combinations that give rise to the next scene. Trusting emotions is trusting a deafblind to direct the driving of a car.

The next thing is to realize that there is no «I» there, that there is no character with the ability to decide with the freedom of the gods. There is only observation behind a glass, where you can only watch what happens. Just as more observers are looking at this scene in the future and in the past, because there is neither future nor past. All are fixed in an infinite now.

And, of course, do not preset what is «good» and what is «bad».

For what?

We will know that something was good for something, after that something happens. Untill there. In the next moment it will be good or bad or none of that, for another effect.

Creating attachments or aversions is totally ridiculous.

Suffering to live, it’s like the cat that, while looking at the rain through a window, suffers because it does not get its sandbox wet.

Living like that is not fun, although people take it as if it were real and happened to them. As if they were small gods, sons of a great god with the ability to make decisions about Samsara.

Ignorance, ignorance, supine ignorance …

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