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The Structure of Reality (XII)

A good simile of reality can be an enormous amount of dominoes falling against each other, expanding and causing the fall, the first initial impulse, to be uncontrolled until infinity as limit.

Let’s look where we look we will be seeing different moments of different rainfall. The night sky is a complete sample of different times that for the observer happen now, but it is the past of those stars. We do not just look at distances, we look at different times. But each observer sees different skies.

In that immense variety of paintings that are generated only if they are observed, the selection of the following table for the same observer only has one rule: entropy. The following table is one that leads to more conditions, never the other way around. The one that has the most conditions coincides precisely with the next moment of the particular clock that also indicates the direction of greatest disorder.

The more conditions, the more disorder.

This maxim is based on entropy, which is a consequence of conditionality.

The dynamics of the conditions that cancel out or multiply or ignore each other results in the entropy-syntropy dynamics, but with a tendency towards maximum disorder.

Chaos always tries to organize fractal orders and these in turn tend to decompose again, like an eternal ball that is bouncing, but with decreasing amplitudes.

The very dynamics of Samsara, therefore, depends on the observers, since without them it is only a probability cloud. And the observers multiply so their level of order is decreasing. Thus they start from a single consciousness of greater order to a myriad of consciences minimum order.

Like a ball that when bouncing divides into two or three and keeps bouncing … One of them grabs more energy and its jump will be higher at the expense of others whose rebound will be lower.

In the Buddhist nomenclature, the high levels of order are the heavens of the devas and the lower ones, the hells.

Everyone looking at their part of Samsara. Each time with a more terrible experience. Going all the balls at the end towards the ground … all consciences ending in hell.

A hell without energy to escape.

The observer observes and is responsible for the Samsara to coagulate.

But what makes the observer observe?

To observe it is necessary that there is a condition to do so and this is ignorance. Without ignorance there is no observation, since not if you know what is received there is no information and without information received there is no observation.

End ignorance, responsible for the attachment to existence, that is, observation is the key to liberation.

If you know it’s a movie, nothing I can tell you will inform you, nothing you see will be observation and without observation there is no Samsara, at least for you.

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