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The Structure of Reality (XI)

In spite of how simple Samsara is, it is our tendency to create illusions that makes everything complex and even magical. As the rules are indeed what they are, and the illusions do not like to be subject to them, the gap between what is believed to be lived and what is lived is unsatisfactory.

But dissatisfaction is only the product of ignorance. If you know where you are, and what you do, there is no room for dissatisfaction.

The dissatisfaction is born of the differential between what is expected and what is obtained, and largely by the false illusion that things happen randomly and depend on randomness. Thus, the ignorant think that he lives in a kind of casino where luck is present everywhere and that one is the owner of his destiny. And that life is to draw between what you want and the hazards that happen.

This vision contradicts reality.

That everything is conditioned means that nothing is left to chance. When a phenomenon occurs it is because an infinity of conditions have had to be given all, without missing even the smallest. And if, moreover, we have understood that past, present and future are relative to the clock of consciousness, but that all are present «simultaneously» in the

Universe, regarding different clocks, everything is prefixed.

And the will, understood as «free» will is another illusion. When you make a decision it is always a posteriori from when the conscience takes it, and it is taken due to previous conditions, never by chance. Therefore, the will is not only non-existent, but absurd. The «free will» belongs to the motley cluster we call magical thinking.

If the tracks are recorded and we simply go through them, we should not expect anything more than the next one. We will make decisions, decisions that an infinity of observers may be looking at different times. The decision does not go beyond being a necessary but involuntary act.

There is a curious effect in the lighting process, and that is that the behavior is robotized and you do what you must do. Do not fight between what you would like and what happens to you.No. It only happens because it happens.

The simile of the film serves us again very well.

If you look at the film and you believe it and you identify with the character, you can go into the madness of thinking that, far from being an actor in a written work, you really do what you want. The truth is that you can have a good time and very bad. On the contrary, if you watch the movie as a boring spectator who does not care whether it happens or not, it is impossible for the movie to startle you or make you suffer.

Seeing someone crying in front of a soap opera is as ridiculous as watching her cry before the hot body of her son.

We are actors in a work in which we are only observers from a part of the stage. The work is written and we only do it because we can not do anything else. We are part of the chain of conditioning, like travelers on the rails of a train.

What do we paint here? – A friend asks. And the answer is simple: the role we have played, we are playing and we will play at this point in which everything is static and where movement does not exist. And where everything else is an illusion.

We can not vary the plan by one millimeter. If we did, by the butterfly effect, everything would collapse.

The Buddha spent years and years with Ananda. He did not make it light up. He saw people passing by, they saw him, he They illuminated and disappeared. The Buddha was aware that nothing depends on the will, that is why he did not go to the center of the towns to recruit followers. Let yourself be seen, to condition that whoever has his mature kamma is enlightened. The rest is useless.

A passive Buddha. The Golden Buddha

We only have one thing left to do. The only thing that has no consequences: enlighten us completely. Not one more moment of existence. Not one more.

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