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The Structure of Reality (VIII)

Let’s explain reality with pears and apples.

In previous chapters, we have described the eight relationships that draw the connection of conditions to each other, that of sufficiency and necessity.

There we see that conditions condition conditions .

This sentence, which is obviously obvious, contains some fundamental consequences, so much so that it constitutes together with the sentence of » everything in Samsara is conditioned » the two axioms on which the Structure of Reality is based.

The first sentence says that conditions condition conditions. That is, the conditions are conditioned by the conditions. Conditions are not conditioned by anything other than conditions. And the conditions only condition conditions.

And, taking into account the second sentence, it follows that if everything in Samsara is conditioned and only conditions condition conditions and conditions are conditioned by conditions, then everything in samsara are conditions.

We are going to try to falsify it.

When we say that birth conditions an individual, it is because the individual is a condition.

It is not conceivable to «see» a condition «pushing» an «individual» to do or to be something, understanding as an entity an entity in itself.

We are surrounded by conditions, so «things» are not really «things», but a special type of condition. What we call «things» as, for example, people, sensations, consciousness, ideas, concepts, particles of matter or energy, are really «packages of conditions».

This is especially simple to see in an elementary particle. For example, an electron is a package of conditions, some inherited from its belonging to the electron class, and others own as its position and its amount of movement. We can do the same with the rest of fermions and bosons.

If the bricks of a house are mud, the house is made of clay.

Well, therefore, if elementary particles, in addition to emptiness and physical laws are conditions, the universe is a package of conditions.

But there is more. There is the «stack» of conditions. That is, the history of the conditions that have given rise to the current condition. Put another way, the set of all your kamma.

It may seem that the conditions are «out there» or are in the «past».

Both perspectives are absurd. There is not a «there» or a «past».

Time is nothing more than an illusion, a practice to understand the rules of conditions, but it is something so relative to so many things that it simply does not exist. It does not even serve to argue anything.

All the past conditions are in the package.

I will give an example.

When an accident is investigated, work, for example, is done at a certain time with the tests that are obtained at that time. All these tests are collected in the present (in fact, only the present, here, exists). There they are: the worker was there. There were no means of individual protection and the collective ones failed. There was no signage, no training was given and the first aid system did not work. And we can go back to the fact that the prevention management system was deficient and the work procedures were non-existent.

No researcher goes to the past to gather information. Everything is there, in the dead and in what surrounds him. There they are from the day they met their parents, to the division of the primal eukaryotic cell from which come many living beings on Earth.

If the researcher could go back in time, he could avoid the accident by killing the eukaryotic cell. Doing this, the accident would not have occurred, but, in addition, the planet would be anything else or similar to this.

Removing conditions from the package is impossible. The samsara, from that moment, would begin to collapse in the consequences of that branch, arriving in infinity to completely collapse.

So, what we see as «objects» in Samsara are packages of conditions, or rather, garbage bags of discarded remains that once had a life and what remains is their waste.

Yes. Look at you. You are a garbage bag of remnants of conditions that continue to condition you because you are that, a condition.

Seen like that, it would be depressing, but it is what it is. And you know, if you do not like it, skip the game. Awake.

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