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The Structure of Reality (and XX)

A character on the screen has no way to escape from it. No matter how hard he tries, he looks for the exit, he tries hard and does not leave.Because the screen has no output. He knows that caught as he is on the screen will die and it will be nothing but dust in the memory. His eagerness to continue in the film hits the reality that on the screen everything is impermanent, everything is insubstantial and nothing is, because everything is illusion.

But that is an illusion for a character of illusion is not a consolation.

Sitting in the chair watching the characters on the screen make an effort to stay in their role, to thrive, to be rich, famous and handsome. Or just to survive another day, only to vomit absorbed on the screen of a contract cell phone.

For what? What is the use of a character to be the most powerful in the world? Of what?

At most, you see that they put broad smiles and seem happy. Just look at the clock and when you look up again the character is neither rich nor famous and much less handsome: He is dead.

A character, another, another, and another … all trying to act according to a role that is not yours, but really act according to the script without being able to skip a single comma. All trying to be what they are not, all acting on their own performance.

I repeat, a character can not leave the screen. That is, you can not leave the cinema if you do not take off the character.

The character is inside the screen and you hit the character, believing the character, living each life that the character has, dreaming, laughing, crying, suffering with the character piche.

To get out of the character you need to detach yourself from him.

The first thing is to finish time. If you do not have the perception of time, but only now, you will not regret the story of the character and much less the stories and aspirations you have for the character. Eventually it ends up deactivating all non-functional thinking. If you never think of yesterday, yesterday it ceases to exist. If you never think about tomorrow, tomorrow will not affect you either.

The second thing is to destroy any idea that this character is real or that it is you. You’re just a package of conditions with observation ability, not that mustachioed gentleman who plays a rare guitar with friends.

The third thing is to end emotions. As long as what happens to the character causes you grief, pain, joy, happiness, etc. your reactions will add more conditions to your package and tie you even more to the seat.Without emotions there is neither suffering nor happiness.

And so, with a character that we do not know what happened to him, that is not you and that you do not care what happens to him, we have a good part of the way.

It only remains to see everything as it is. So, seeing how stupid all this is, you just have to get up and leave. Of course, if you get up, the character «dies». But who cares at this point the character?

No wonder the Arahants use the knife, the Paccekabuddhas commit suicide en masse when a Sammasambuddha appears or that the Sammasambuddhas once they get fed up with teaching and the character loses it, they finish it.

Why be doing what?

For a mentally weak to mount a «religious» epic in the film to deify what they can not practice?

In any case, it is NOT in your hand.

Not in mine.

With putting the conditions I already have, and this book is one of them.

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