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The Placenta

From a practical point of view, the «not-me» means that there is no «something» independent that is observing. The reality is that both observed and observer is an indivisible unit, since what is observed is not possible without observer or observer without observed. The dynamic awareness-interface pair is intimately linked.

Therefore, to consider that the Lie is an «entity» independent of its victim is a basic error. There is no lie that is independent of who believes it. But it also happens, on the contrary, there is no one who believes, independent of the lie.

Lie and victim are a unit. So it is not strange that attachment to ignorance is so common and, in addition, becomes even violent.

The lie acts as a placenta that includes the namā part of the interface parasitizing it. Namā only conceptualizes what the lie provides him, and he gives it to the conscience, so that he can not see reality beyond what this placenta gives him.Trying to tear the lie out of the interface can be as violent as an induced abortion.

The placenta nourishes its victim in the journey through this life, keeps him alienated united by the attachment to ignorance. It is a capsule that isolates the individual from reality by making life pass quickly and unconsciously, to deliver it to hell. A short race for a very long landing.

How could he thus be aware of what it is, where it is, where it comes from and where it invariably goes?

In the end, we only talk about attachment to existence. And lying is a very hard capsule that protects this attachment from any kind of damage.

That capsule can only be broken from within; that’s why nobody illuminates anyone.

When you see a capsule, set aside. He can only be left running towards his destiny.

A placenta to protect you until your delivery in hell.

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