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The Obvious

Nothing is more hidden than the obvious.

At this point of the lie, which is sustained by the concepts that are unreal that are sustained by the sensations that are unreal, in those three levels of unreality it is normal that the obvious appears as invisible.

It is exasperating to try to make fish see the existence of water. They have eyes that are good for not seeing, ears for not listening, nose for not smelling, tongue for not liking and skin for not touching. If you see them, they seem whole, functional, normal. You look and see, but you ask them and they do not see. And so with everything.

They have a mental block that prevents them from their normal relationship with what surrounds them, they are a kind of autistic people locked in their world who react with violence when they are trying to wake up. Nobody has put them in a brain sucking farm, but they live there. They feed the worst by believing that they are doing their best.

The tragedy is that they live in the real world and suffer because they live in the real world, but they do not have the capacity to interact with it. They only interact in their sleep. As sleepwalkers by a rope that fall, they are hurt and killed. And again.

And it’s not that you can do much, because it’s an inherited genetic neurodegenerative disease. It is conceptualized lying. It keeps its victims dissociated from reality and is what causes suffering as the ultimate cause.The near one is the desire and this one can only be produced thanks to her.Desire is its consequence and as a result of desire there is suffering.

Conceptualized lying is a social disease that is nourished by each individual and fed back by the interactions between them. It is a continuous reinfection. And it is the sick society that keeps its components alive.

Then do not be surprised that I speak of posthumans, who would not be other than degenerate patients due to this lying.

The Buddha spoke euphemistically of «people with dust in their eyes», some more and others less. I would like to see you here today to see the panorama. It is no longer dust, they are chestnut wood beams cured in the cool of the mountain. And this is going to get worse, as it can not be otherwise.

If seeing what they have in front of them, which is also false, is impossible. How to make them see reality?

And above all … for what?

What is the use of this gigantic Titanic that its passengers learn to swim?

If someone is not too infected, they will jump into the water.

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