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The Last Wish

And now that?

Good question, it deserves a good answer.

If we go back to the beginning of the beginning of this whole career, at the very beginning, so early on that there was not even any idea that there was going to be a career, there was the desire to learn.

It is well known that desire generates attachment and attachment, suffering, and that desire is bad and blah, blah, blah … However, the Buddha makes it clear that there is a desire at the base of the mountain that will lead you to the Illumination, if you achieve it, which is called the desire to learn .

If you do not believe it, here is the sutta of the farewell, the Mahāparinibbāna sutta. In it he tells the incapable of Ananda that, if he really wants to be enlightened, that he does the following:

«Those monks of mine, Ananda, who now or after my departure remain as their own islands, be their own refuge, without having anyone else to be their refuge, with the Dhamma as their only refuge, they will reach the highest, if they have a desire to learn . «

The desire to learn is the engine of the search for Wisdom that is what liberates. They do not release practices, nor ethics, nor study. Liberate Wisdom But Wisdom is a treasure of wood.

Made of pine wood

It seems the end of an oriental story, the one that looks for the most precious treasure and finds at the end a roughly carved wooden box whose interior contains a phrase:

«Everything is conditions»

You open it, read it and, after the shock, you understand everything. You apply it to everything and everything is illuminated, everything has shape, everything obeys reasons.There are no dark spaces for magic. Everything is illuminated, everything is clear …

And, just at that moment, to look at the fucking box you get the last of the attachments, the attachment to learn, the attachment to know … and, like all attachments, scratch, spider, erodes you when you leave. He is the last demon that when leaving you spits you gall and bile.

And it leaves you empty.

Or not.

You have nothing left, but you already have everything.

The owner of the world can not lose anything.

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