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Lie and the Bank of Satan

Satan is, to this day and without a doubt, the Prince of this World. Its power is universal, it keeps the governments of the world tied and is responsible for wars, hunger, the destruction of the planet, inequality, exploitation and devastation.

He has enslaved the whole of humanity and keeps it working for him and his diabolical plans. In fact, you do nothing but be his slave, whatever you do, hide where you hide …

After centuries of tranquility where Satan had the Church to supply slaves and good remittances of condemned, making a commendable boast of vision, he realized that people would soon change to God for another god more desirable and desirable: money.

So, neither short nor lazy, take human form with the purpose of being the Master of Money. In principle, I would not have it easy. For centuries the value of money was linked to a scarce metal, and the notes were safeguarded from those metals in deposits called banks.

But Satan’s intelligence conceived a crazy, crazy idea: «fiduciary money», a money not backed by anything. Well, yes, backed by infinite human stupidity. They are tickets that are worth … because you think they are worth. They are not worth anything, but if you can make everyone believe they are worth, all you need is to get a huge printing press and have a monopoly on your printing and that’s how the Money Master will be, and will have humans dancing to their rope.

Satan was reincarnated as a young entrepreneur of Dutch origin in the seventeenth century. He called himself Johan Palmstruch and was the son of an Amsterdam merchant. Very young, he emigrated to Sweden, experiencing a period of prosperity similar to that of the Netherlands.Thanks to his contacts, he managed to meet with King Charles X Gustaf of Sweden, who was impressed by his financial knowledge. Johan sold him the idea of ​​modernizing Swedish finances, and tempted the king by offering him huge profits. In this way he was authorized to establish the Bank of Stockholm on November 30, 1656.

At that time, the Swedish finances were in chaos. They used copper, which fluctuated a lot, causing the prices to change continuously, and, in addition, it was emitted in the form of very heavy metal plates. There were silver coins, but few.

The Bank of Satan (sorry, the one in Stockholm) offered a new but very useful service: it kept those heavy metal plates in their safes in exchange for a commission. The Bank issued a receipt, a ticket that acted as a receipt. The idea was a success because to take money did not need to carry a car.

This success was rapid and as soon as the bank notes of Satan were accepted by all, the people ran to deposit their precious metals to him.

First phase achieved. Satan already had all the money of the Swedes in his possession.

It did not take Satan to realize that people did not claim coins or precious metal blocks. Then he launched the second phase of the plan. He began to lend money (which was not his) to the crown, which, like all of them, was always in need of money, before which the king, how could he refuse? Soon after, he lent money to the elites, so he bought them. And with money that was not his.

In addition, as he collected interest (from a money that, I repeat, was not his) the bank was prospering and with him the king and the nobles, and little by little, going down the pyramid this prosperity came to the people in general. There had never been so much money in Sweden, it was real magic. People were safe with their coins and metal blocks in the Bank of Stockholm, while money flowed through Sweden.

Money had acquired the divine property of ubiquity. The same copper block was in two, three, four and even five different places. And Palmstruch charged for it and the king had unlimited credit. What could happen wrong?

But … it was only like that for six years.

When King Carlos Gustavo died, the government came up with the idea of ​​coining new copper blocks that were worth less than the old ones. Faced with this perspective, people ran to get their old copper plates before they were worth less.

(We will see that this thing of putting the chickens, that is, the cousins, to suddenly withdraw their deposits is the Achilles heel of this scam)

What was said, in the chambers of the Bank of Stockholm there was no copper to make a ring since everything was loaned, so it was good for Satan at that time.

Palmstruch’s solution was nothing less than the third phase of the plan: unlink the value of metal receipts.

Not that there was much to discuss. There was no copper or silver, so everyone was totally ruined. Palmstruch’s solution seemed the least bad of all. Among them they agreed that the receipts were money, that is, they put faith that those papers were worth what they had written, and that way they could go home quiet, without copper or silver, but apparently just as rich.

Thus the fiduciary currency was born (de fidei = faith). Its value is referenced to your faith that it is worth it. And if everyone believes it, okay.Because everyone is like you: totally ruined and everyone agrees. It is a clear case of multiple pyramid schemes. Every time you pay, scam the fool who sells you. And in the same way, every time you charge the one who pays you, he is cheating you.

Here we see as a falsehood, that a paper that puts a quantity is worth that amount, it becomes a lie as soon as a group puts its faith in it. Those who share that lie are different from the rest because for them that money is useful and they are willing to give real goods for paper money without any value.

For the first time in Europe it was possible to circulate banknotes that differed from the others in that they denominated in round figures, they were not in the name of anyone but the bearer and they promised that it would be paid in cash (that is, in metal not in more papers) in the case that someone claimed. They were called Kreditivsedlar and with them both lying money and the first central bank of History were born.

Seeing that if people complained to him he was not going to have what to pay, Palmstruch began to cut the credit to try to recover the metal he had been giving. It was logical. But by withdrawing money from the economy it entered an unprecedented crisis, leaving Sweden on the verge of economic depression.

The people went to claim the bank for their metal and, of course, can not give what they did not have, so they ended up going bankrupt, leading Sweden to the crisis. Before this, the government closed the Bank of Stockholm in 1667 and Satan was sentenced to death. But since he was Satan, they forgave him and commuted him for a few years in prison.

But I was not going to meet more than a few months. The following year, the Parliament, realizing that it had killed the goose that lays the fake gold eggs, called him to mount another scam, which they called the Bank of the States of Sweden. And this time, in addition, he was given the power to be the only one who could print small pieces of paper, so the scam was already finished. Years later this bank was called the Central Bank of Sweden.

I know this sounds a lot to you. This scam is occurring throughout the planet with an unusual frequency. Equal regularity that identical thimuses such as the known «tocomocho».

A classic.

And the Central Banks, another classic.

Twenty-six years later, the Bank of England was established, because the English Empire also had many, many imbeciles.

I pray for imbecility.

Gold is scarce, imbecility is infinite.

The story is always the same, a recovery stimulated by the printing of excess money that produces hyperinflation and financial bubbles, which drag the countries to poverty. The temptation to «kick forward», that is, to ask for credit and to pay for the one that comes, is too strong for our beloved stupid and sadistic rulers.

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