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Lie and Religion

The real utility of lying lies in the organization of complex lies whose purpose is to group individuals with a specific purpose. It is usually done for the benefit of those who organize this lie. This is a lie as a falsehood in itself, to extract from the logical thinking the devotees of that lie.

These are the lies that constitute religions, ideologies, or nations. They serve the benefit of the one who designs and implements them. This is the case, for example, of Christianity that is a lie commissioned by Emperor Constantine the Great with the initial aim of conquering all imperial power, although seeing the advantages it provided not only encouraged it, but the successive emperors were leaning more and more on it, arriving at the time of Theodosius to become official and obligatory throughout the Roman Empire.

The successive rulers of Europe, despite belonging to invading barbarian tribes, quickly learned the advantages of Cesaropapism and embraced the Christian faith with fervor. It even began to divide the lie so that it became of them banderías for the fight by the power in zones of the Empire. Early on, the Unionists appeared before the power of Trinitarian Rome, as a form of political reaction. In unitary Visigothic Hispania, the violent seizure of power by the Trinitarians led to the unitary invasion from North Africa, and being thus isolated from the rest of Christendom it took no more than a century and a half to adopt the Muslim lie that It was practically identical.

The Unitarians (1 God) were called «Arians» and the Trinitarians (3 gods), Catholics. Interestingly, the unitarian apostle, Prisciliano, the first martyr, was avenged by his devotees and buried in Santiago de Compostela, and venerated as if he were Santiago el Mayor, a brother of Jesus, literary characters of the new testament.

In the sixteenth century, the political excesses of the Catholic hierarchy led to the emergence of the Reformation, which led, of course, to political wars of influence in Europe. Rome counterattacked with the Counter-Reformation closing even more in its lies. The curious thing is that at present any Pope would sign the 95 theses stuck in the door of the church of the Wittenberg Palace as an open invitation to discuss them. The theses condemned greed and paganism in the Church as an abuse, and asked for a theological dispute in what the indulgences could give. However, in his theses he did not directly question the pope’s authority to grant indulgences.

Remember that lies are discussed only with the use of violence, because lies are not the subject of debate, but pure power.

Thus, century by century the Church was adapted to what the different governments have wanted of it, and it has been the same to send the Jews of Rome in closed trains as a gift to Hitler to be at the head of the Polish trade unions to reconquer power in the old Eastern bloc.

The irruption of new forms of power has once again put into question the economic and sexual abuses (again) of the Church and when governments consider that it is no longer useful, it will end up dissolving. In other countries, the appearance of even crazier lies, not only conceptually but in their group expressions, have attracted a large number of Catholics who have engaged in every type of faith to each more delirious.

The more crazy an idea is and the more it demands, the more adepts it gets and the more benefits it gets. So, what’s wrong to see grown-up people foaming at the mouth while they scramble on the floor imitating John Rambo?


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