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I see you

It does not matter if you hide, that you put faces, that you smile. Is the same. I see you.

Now you know.

I write this so that you know it, that you have it clear.

As he said:

«I can understand the minds of other beings and individuals,

having understood them with my mind.

I can understand the mind with greed as «mind with greed»,

and the mind without greed as «mind without greed»;

mind with hate as «mind with hate»,

and mind without hatred as «mind without hatred»;

deceiving mind as «deceiving mind»,

and mind without deception as «mind without deception»;

the mind contracted as «contracted mind»,

and the scattered mind as «scattered mind»;

the expansive mind as «expansive mind»,

and the non-expansive mind as «non-expansive mind»;

mind that is not supreme as «mind that is not supreme»,

and mind that is supreme as «mind that is supreme»;

the mind is immersed in samadhi as «the mind is immersed in samadhi»,

and the mind is not immersed in samadhi as «the mind is not immersed in samadhi»;

liberated mind as «liberated mind»,

and free mind as «liberated mind.»

I am capable of doing it, in each and every one of the cases.

I do not know if it is difficult or not, what I know is that I do it and it helps me to know if you are blinded, closed, distracted, asleep, absorbed, dispersed, or receptive, open, concentrated or even released.

Only to see or read you. Or see him or read him. Be it now or in the pages of an old text. Two or three sentences are enough and I know who you are, where you are, and most terrible, where you are heading.

You are kamma, the speed that the train carries. You are amount of movement. It is not difficult to see what your next position is. And I do not say, what it will be, but what it is. You put as you put. You do not see it, that’s the problem. Your problem.

Nobody illuminates anyone. It is only your kamma who does it and the more I arrive is to raise a danger signal to verify that if you look at it you do not see it, and if you see it you ignore it.

I see you.

It does not matter if you hide.

I will not go after you. It would be useless. If you come back here, I’ll be waiting for you …

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