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Human of Lie

It can not be denied that it is very attractive to have money that is not yours to be able to spend it on whatever you want, even to be able to continue doing it. It is not a very orthodox definition of government, but functionally it is what it is.

Although it may seem incredible, it is sometimes very easy to convince people that they do not know how to spend their money on what suits them, so they need to hand it over to people of doubtful or nil ethics so that they are the ones who do it for them.

The government is a social parasite that has grown over the centuries to occupy, on some occasions, virtually all economic activity when private property is abolished and the individual becomes a slave to the government. But since slaves must be fed, even if it is little, bad and cold, the best thing for these vermin is the citizen-servant, which is an extreme form of slavery in which, after working for the government, he has to look for livelihoods on their own, of which the government also preys.

All this requires means in abundance, such as educational programming, social control, media manipulation and others that can be accessed when money is available, that is, when it is allied with banking.

The government-banking satanic binomial is fed back to extract the best and the worst of a society in which the individual is blurred and his role made caricature.

We are going to make a historical review of how it was possible for a gang of criminals to take control of society and have maintained it until today, growing beyond any logic, meaning or need and stealing not only the riches of this planet, but those of other eight more.

Although some like to say that the origin of the Government was the same God who, by his divine grace, granted such honor to a certain individual, unless God was the central bank that paid the reveling to that king.

Humans are gregarious animals, whose society is based on the ability of females to organize a culture and of males to subdue them. Something like that is the government regarding the community that parasitizes.

Cooperation is the source of wealth among modern humans. Some do some things, others others, so that only one benefits from everyone’s work.This has advantages and disadvantages. Among the latter is the progressive loss of the human condition due to the genetic degeneration caused by the economy of resources, since it is not necessary to use the brain to appear human, as long as one is part of a sufficiently large group.You can even survive without contributing anything useful if, again, the group is the right size.

Whereas a Neanderthal was a more developed human on a mental and even physical level, the posthuman (current human) is more successful, although in comparison it is less intelligent, weaker and vaguer. And is that the Neanderthal to live alone had to do everything, from their own technology to their art. I had to think and work to live. In comparison, a high percentage of posthumans live better without doing any of the above, thanks to the group, even better than if they thought or worked.

This zoological division will be useful for us to understand the social dynamics in the last millennia. The more the post-humans proliferated, the larger the government became, and the government, in one way or another, favored the idiocy of its subjects through the distribution of basic goods and their cultural indoctrination, thus creating a vicious circle of degradation of the species.

On the one hand, there were those who can only survive through the collective that they are increasingly, against those who resist their own debasement. And among the first, two subspecies, halters and sociopaths.It is from this last subspecies that the ranks of rulers and bankers are fed.

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