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The word homophobia was printed for the first time in an article written for the May 23, 1969 issue of the American pornographic magazine Screw, in which the word was used to refer to the irrational fear of heterosexual men that others may think that They are homosexual, within a religious connotation to be prohibited both in Christianity and in Islam.

That is, a homophobe is one who is afraid of being identified as homosexual, as if being homosexual in itself was a contemptuous condition.

When this word is used as an insult from ideology groups of directed thought, it is assumed that everyone is homosexual and that only those who declare themselves are coherent with themselves and are liberated, while everyone else is trapped » inside the closet «because of religious and social pressures.

Homosexuality is an epigenetic condition that is shown in animal populations in which the excess in the number of individuals puts at risk the very survival of the gene. It is a defense of genes against a success that can be disastrous due to the risk of liquidating subsistence resources. It is not, therefore, a voluntary condition. It is similar, for example, to the epigenetic propensity to diabetes induced by a severe famine suffered by grandparents. You do not choose to be homosexual, nor do you choose to be a diabetic. But neither is a condition of divine origin, but environmental. It is a defense of the gene against the environment, and our body is manufactured by genes to reproduce them.

Genes in certain cases dispense with particular individuals if they consider it necessary for their own benefit. Hence the phenomenon of altruism, in which an individual can even give his life to save individuals more able to reproduce when it is understood that they share the same genes.

In the case of homosexuality, genes dispense with the fertility of a group of individuals for the sake of the rest to survive.

From this point of view, mixing «moral» with epigenetics is completely absurd, just like trying to manipulate «social morality» to impose the homosexual model on the whole society by understanding that everyone is homosexual, as we saw in the definition of the word «Homophobia.»

The rights of people must be given by the fact of being a person. When it comes to giving rights to «marginalized» groups, what is achieved is to marginalize all those who are not in that group. The «positive» discrimination is negative discrimination from the rest, just as the negative discrimination of one group is positive discrimination from the rest.

They are mathematics.

Since the early twentieth century, when the internationalist left lost their faith in the workers movement that opted to fight with their nations in the Great War instead of making a common proletarian front and refusing to fight, they have dedicated themselves to look for groups to victimize them to «save» them just as they tried with proletarian workers. Among those groups are women and homosexuals.

The price of salvation offered is the renunciation of one’s own thought and the unwavering adherence to the unique thought dictated by those left. You can not be a woman as you want, you must be a woman as they dictate, in the same way you can not be homosexual freely, but as they impose. They are imbeciles to those imbeciles who understand that they need to be saved from themselves; be saved from being homosexual or being a woman.

The totalitarian lefts always act in the same way: the fascists alienate the fools with the idea of ​​belonging to the nation and the internationalist Trotskyisms to anything that may involve belonging as long as it is different from the idea of ​​a nation. They always appeal to «me» to «us», to «mine», to «ours» in front of everyone: that is, to arrogance, which is the best bait to catch fools.

These totalitarian collectives are characterized by their irrational intolerance.

And it is curious that the intolerant themselves demand tolerance intolerantly. It does not matter whether they are fascists, feminists or the so-called «LGBTI collectives». They are groups of mindless manipulated by those who «save» them and use them as pawns in their partisan fights.

Nothing different from traditional religions.

If we forget the clothes, the slogans, the flags, we always see the same thing. The same goes for a radical Islamist than a vociferous feminazi or an LGBTI militant.Precisely these groups support each other and it is not by chance.

Its objective remains the same: to destroy capitalism by destroying social coexistence.

But this does not stay here.

There is more.

Totalitarian indoctrination, in which the person is not seen as a bearer of rights but as a fungible tool, entails the promotion of behaviors that represent an objective danger not only for the adept, but for the entire society.

In the case of homosexual groups, this education includes the promotion of sexual risk behaviors, which means that they are a reservoir of biological agents that are harmful to health. Being minority groups, its prevalence in cases of HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis C or certain carcinomas is enormous, as evidenced by statistics from the CDC, Center for Disease Control.

But, in addition, they represent a hygienic risk for the rest of the population.

It is evident that maintaining infectious ghettos is ideal for the necessary victimization for their totalitarian struggle.

Is it smart to tolerate the intolerant?

Think about it.

Finally, sexual risk behaviors are expressly condemned in the five precepts, since they are produced by attachment or aversion and always, always, forged by ignorance.

Now, if you want, you call me a homophobe and that’s how you portray yourself as the mindless asshole remote-controlled by totalitarians you are.

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