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Four Classes of Seekers

There are people who like to search and search.

That he likes to look for, that he likes to look is the main impediment to find. The one who finds is no longer looking for more, abandons his hobby, must let go of what he loves: search.

The people who like to look and who seek look with glassy eyes, dead eyes that look not to see. To look is your occupation, not seeing is what maintains it.

Zombies of the road, of a road, of any road, of all roads. They are the ones who murmur their mantra «all roads serve». And it is true, all roads are for walking. Walkers with path, walkers to walk, walkers without goal, walkers by the sea.

They are the preferred slaves of Māra, because being slaves, in their wanderings they capture more walkers and give them to Māra.

There are people who like to search and who do not search.

It is a very extended tribe. They are the ones who study what those who walk say they have found. Their mission and goal is to collect large amounts of road references and they like to imagine what it will be like to walk, but in their watchtower of comfort they feel superior to the zombies they are looking for, because changing books, changing landscapes, changing routes and not They have to make no effort.

They are people of faith. People who believe. Creepers They are the ones who maintain that the truth is in the book they have read, because the book they have is the best book in the books because what they put in their book is the truth because it is in their book.

They are seekers by powers, pigs wallowing in the ignorance of others. They are so ignorant that they do not even have their own ignorance, they have borrowed it.

Māra does not even take care of them.

There are people who do not like to search and search.

These are the least, and those who occasionally give Māra work. They are people who are looking for although they dislike walking around watching more than looking, discarding what does not serve them and in a hurry to close the hypermarket to find something that works and stop looking.

Those who find are those who belong to this group. The Māra trusts that the zombies will pick them up, either some, or others, so that they never find them.

They are the ones who despise the Creepers, and if they manage to hate the Zombies, they will have their chance to find.

When they find, it is when the Māra appears to them with the mission of sowing doubts about the validity of their finding or, if that fails, to try not to show anyone their discovery, so as not to spoil their foul play of Zombies and Creepers. , and contain the spill.

There are people who do not like to search and who do not search .

It is the vast majority. They are the idiots, those who are and do not participate, those who look at the set and specialize in taking advantage of it, in being an active part of it, in being a part of this circus called Samsara.

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