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Feminism, Religion for Atheists

The power of faith is still being implemented today as a transversal way to promote wars between interest groups.

The most used way to recruit the Western public is based on awakening in them the desire for justice and even revenge. For this the typical story is based on making a victim, gloating over the terrible suffering of it, and end up directing the responsibility of those terrible sufferings to the same that they want to hook by awakening in him the feeling of guilt, the need for reparation and , most importantly, to awaken in him the feeling of «convert» that will lead him to extreme cainite attitudes towards those who are like him; in this way you recruit an enemy to face your enemy.

It’s not that it’s great, it’s that people are stupid enough to say enough.

The story of poor Jesus Christ hanging on a cross, naked, humiliated, bleeding everywhere, with terrible sufferings, counted step by step, and recalled each year in the Holy Week, which moves to compassion, compassion, blame , to the penalty … and to the repair, of course, is an example of this. «He died for you» they tell you and they install the guilt module through which they can get you.

And it is the same as the story is false, or even absurd. In this same example it is delirious:

God who is infinitely good and wise creates man in his image and likeness and installs him in the garden of Eden on the condition that he does not eat of a certain tree knowing that he is going to do it, and he does, of course, and then God is so angry that he throws him out of Eden and gives a thousand curses to not only the guilty but all his generations. Such is the irritation that He has, in the form of a person, posing as the head of a Jewish terrorist band to get the Roman governor to crucify him to pity and blame the Jews themselves. And as every suicide goes to hell. Then he tires of the underworld, resuscitates and goes back in the form of a vertical lift.

This way he stays at ease. But not quite.

Now, as the anger caused by a presumed ancestor of yours, you are the culprit of so much suffering of a poor victim who never hurt anyone and who became a doctor without a title at times. And since you are the culprit you have to pay and pay attention to the manager of the business he left on Earth. And be careful because he threatened to return and will judge and send you to hell (in spite of everything) if you ignore the type of black.

Despite how childish and absurd the story is, the success of the scam is glaring.

Let’s see the elements:

  1. Victim: is the central element. The victim because we are irresponsible, that is to say, we never come to value his participation in the facts. It must be a pity to move to compassion, that is, it generates aversion in which one wants to cheat, the cousin, which is only eliminated with actions in favor of the victim.

  2. Recreation of the most sadistic and terrible elements suffered by the victim trying to get the cousin to put himself in his place and imagine that it is going through all that macabre ideation being innocent (like every victim).

  3. Pointing the culprit of such horrors, describing it with negative tints to create the maximum aversion towards him.

  4. Relationship between the culprit in the story and the cousin. This relationship must be such that it is an inalienable condition; for example, in the case we are talking about, the very fact of being human makes the cousin the descendant of the guilty and heir of the guilt. The cousin can not get rid of his human condition.

  5. Inventory of damages for which the cousin is responsible and for which he must pay.

  6. Repentance; it must be achieved that the cousin regrets something he did not do, that he reproves but that they have managed to take responsibility.

  7. Reparation, or set of actions that the cousin must perform to settle the debt contracted and accepted by him.

  8. Delegated authority. The story must contain the designation of some kind of authority nearby that is in charge of collecting reparations for the victim.Obviously, that authority is the con man.

With this scheme, for example, a criminal organization is mounted that has been acting successfully since the year 325 and that has hooked a third of humanity. The divisions between the delegated authority are normal in any established mafia that ends up divided into families on account of the distribution of the booty.

We can say, without any doubt, that this third of humanity is constituted by pure assholes, stupid and stupid in equal parts.

It is obvious that such a business can not go unnoticed by other groups of criminals willing to take a hand in the pocket, or worse, of so many cousins ​​as there is scattered around the world.

The dynamic is created primarily to generate a social revolt dividing society in order to steal rights to all those who do not join the cause. It was already seen with Theodosius that those who were not Christians at his death could not be inherited by his children and their property passed into the Empire; or when expulsions of Unitarians, Jews or Moors are decreed; or when they were sent directly to slavery after confiscating their property. And, of course, to ensure that the adepts did not turn against, death was reserved for those «affines» who dared to rebel against the dogma imposed, burning at the stake for «heretics», a word that means «free choice» or «option». It is clear that, as always, after the Truth is Freedom is the one that passes through the executioner. Freedom of thought, of course, is suppressed for the sake of compassion due to the victim.

Apart from being an instrument of political struggle it also serves secondarily to motivate wars.

And here’s the topic of today.

Third wave neofeminism.

It does not take much imagination to see that the scheme repeats, of course, again.We will see that feminism is the new religion for atheists. And that shows that being an atheist does not necessarily mean not being a fool, it is simply exercised in a different way.

Let’s review the 8 points in which the scheme of the «Thymus of the Victim» is defined this time aimed at ripping off men.

  1. The victim. In this case, instead of choosing a «legendary hero» to identify with him, a diffuse figure of «The Woman» is constructed, not a specific woman, but an abstract woman that allows women to identify in some way. with her, and men imagine her as a poor innocent rag doll to which we are going to nail all kinds of needles.

  2. The recreation of all kinds of humiliations and vexations suffered by «The Woman» is the totalization of any kind of social, economic, sexual, criminal or labor perversion that any woman on the planet has suffered real or imagined. The woman is always considered «victim» thus avoiding any kind of responsibility for it. Victimization aims to draw «The Woman» as an immature and irresponsible being for being perfectly innocent.

  3. The figure of the sadistic rapist, the murderer of women, exploitative businessman or authoritarian father is drawn; sexual harasser or dominant boyfriend. No matter how insignificant, the events are statistically amplified by related media, leading to media lynching and even the violation of human rights to point out, accuse and denigrate these figures.At the same time, the figure of the «Macho» is being built, which is the sum of all this, so that it can be presented to the «Macho» as the most disgusting and abject example of society and, of course, worthy of all imaginable evils that may fall.

  4. It is clear that the cousin in this scam is the man, who else, can you associate the figure of «El Macho»? So we proceed to identify this infernal being with absolutely all men who do not show repentance and submission.As it is obvious that the average man, that is, the cousin, is not a rapist or a murderer, the identification is made from the definition of attitudes that indicate «necessarily» that the cousin «is» a «Macho». And for this they invent the «micromachismos», that is to say, behaviors absolutely innocuous in themselves but that demonstrate that the cousin is a «Macho», and, therefore, can act sadistically against any woman «for the fact of being a woman». This delusion exaggerated to ridicule leads to consider an act of education as saying a kind word in a full-blown rape. It is the case in certain current societies of men who look down and change curbs when crossing paths with women; like the blacks in Alabama in the 50s.

  5. The inventory of damages is very extensive; but in extension as in falsehood.For example, it is claimed for the number of women who are killed when they represent one in five victims. But that is not all, well known is that the death sentences in the world fall mainly on men, work accidents are also taken by men. In the war many more men die than women; even in traffic accidents there are more dead than dead; and we must not forget the suicides that are also masculine. That is, being a man is much more dangerous than being a woman. All these statistics are deliberately hidden and difficult to find because they disarm this inventory of damages. But we are not only talking about violence, but also about alleged political, social and economic discrimination. Here lies are derived from old claims overcome in the second wave of feminism, granted once again by men, as is equality before the law, which, despite being contemplated even as a constitutional right is obvious and the inventory of Damages are taken from the humiliations that happened forty years ago as if the legislation were that and the times had not changed. In this way, at every stroke of demand the laws are achieving legal discrimination of men, which is «fair» for being responsible for the existence of «El Macho». The economic claims that are based on the fact that «the group of women» earns «less» than the group of men is not unusual; but something curious happens: they can not find a single case for a different salary to work in the same way. The mystery is easily solved: the man has no qualms about accepting any kind of work for money, while the woman does not. Hazardous work at height is paid a bit better than those that do not involve risk which leads to claiming the cleaners who earn less than those who clean glass outside the buildings, claiming that they pay more for not gambling life but for be men Other cases are in the world of construction where women occupy jobs with minimal exposure to risk and physical exertion. It is also the case of the extractive industries where men are seen underground and, above, women.And not only that. Nature has granted women the possibility of being mothers and men not. Here is the insurmountable inequality. Women can choose to work or be mothers, which men can not. It is evident that if a woman freely chooses to be a mother, making it compatible with work is difficult and, obviously, two things at the same time makes the two neglect: they end up being bad workers and lousy mothers who can put their children as soon as possible in human kennels as if they were puppies so that during the first years of life when the brain develops the only stimulation received by their children is that of other children who only know how to cry, shit and pee. No wonder the amount of fools that society generates. On the other hand, since maternity is a priority, it is not logical for companies to invest in such unfair human capital. To finish the inventory of damages we will not forget the famous «glass ceiling» that makes women not occupy executive positions in large companies. Here the trap is that it is obvious that there is free enterprise and that any woman can invest and create companies and that these reach the top business. The problem is that women are very little at risk and prefer positions where they are not playing every day all their assets, something that men do very often, so they are ruined more often. Curiously, these «glass ceilings» are positions of high administration without providing capital, because anyone who contributes enough capital enters a board of directors. And there is no legislation that prohibits women from making money or being rich and even less, immensely rich. Nor are there laws that oblige women to become entangled with obnoxious individuals, or that force them to adopt psychosocial risk behaviors and even less force them to commit daily poisoning with irreversible effects; and, however, they do it. They mix with delinquents, with psychopaths, with rapists while they fill their faces and hair with heavy metals and they are also tattooed with carcinogens shown in humans. All these damages are infringed by «El Macho», by definition, and every man, unless he regrets and goes gay, is a «macho» also by definition so he is responsible for the entire damage inventory.

  6. Repentance; must be achieved that man repents to be a man and, therefore, «responsible male» of «El Macho» generic whose nature shares, although he never did or would do anything that was unprintable and, in addition, personally and humanely, reproves but that have gotten him responsible. So we already have the cousin.

  7. Reparation, or set of actions that the cousin must perform to settle the debt contracted and accepted by him. Accept discriminatory laws in favor of » equality » word that means the opposite of what comes in the dictionary, that is, » supremacy » and that what is intended is the implementation of a «positive» discrimination based on unlimited gender because the idea is that it is never enough. What is obvious, once again, is that a » positive » discrimination necessarily implies another » negative » and the opposite sign.

  8. Delegated authority. The story must contain the designation of some kind of authority nearby that is in charge of collecting reparations for the victim.Obviously, that authority is the con man. In this case, they are organizations run by pressure groups that do not hide their intentions.

The two most significant are on the one hand Trotskyist feminism, revolutionary Marxist court, which collects its «philosophical» essences of the School of Frankfort, a group of communist Jews that at the end of the Great War and to verify that the story of » class «It did not work on the workers as well as the story of» fatherland«when they preferred to fight for their nations instead of abstaining and launching the internationalist class revolution. Among these figures, we have in his first generation to Khazars like Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Friedrich Pollock, Erich Fromm, Walter Benjamin or Leo Löwenthal. The idea is to create a » new oppressed proletariat » broad in number capable of confronting the rest of society and destroying it from its base, that is, from the family and the economy. And it occurred to them that women would serve them as blind and stupid soldiers for their obsession to destroy capitalism. Curiously, no woman was there. It is very common to see unscrupulous chauvinists in charge of third-wave feminist organizations for their absolute disdain for women.

The other feminism that also uses women as a carnaza is financed by the Khazar capital as a form of revenge against Europe, which it wants to destroy based on ending the birthrate by promoting the well-known feminist slogans of abortion, homosexuality and extremist neopuritanism. What the Khazars intend is to replace the European population with Semitic and Hammite populations of the Islamic orbit that they consider effective in destroying European culture and society, as is happening in Sweden, a country where immigrants have taken cities and implemented the Sharia. Interestingly, the Islamic refugees violate the Swedish ones, while the rape «is a cultural fact of these peoples» and therefore «very respectable». Similarly, feminism is scrupulously respectful of women who accept Islam and immerse themselves in the middle age of the burka and the gynoecium.On the contrary, he is extremely critical of those women who choose to have the life they want if it is different from their fanatical pseudo-religious postulates.

In any case, what is sought is the violent reaction of the man that triggers the blind persecution of women, what happens every time that has been imposed by matriarchy in history.

Nothing is more dangerous for women than the fear of men.

But, if there is something to be in agreement with those of the Frankfort School, if men are stupid, women are even more stupid. They will be willing to fight tirelessly to be sacrificed.

In the end, everything is kamma. Each one collects what he sows, regardless of whether he knows what to sow, whether roses or mines.

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