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Economic Ecology

There are two ways to get wealth. One is creating it and the other is depraving it. While the first requires effort and the application of capital theory, the other is much more economical in effort. In addition, the generation of wealth is limited by resources and time while its depredation does not require so much time.

The predation thus seen is the optimal way to achieve wealth. But it has two problems, the first is to get the one who generates wealth to deliver it and that once delivered completely, it is exhausted.

Predation is above in the economic pyramid, the number of predators is lower than that of producers that can maintain. In this way, the more producers that can enter the pyramid, the greater and more varied number of predators can coexist.

There are different levels of predation, although all collaborate with each other, where the wealth generated in the base goes up and enriches the upper strata. The higher up, the more wealth. It is a simple and flat Ponzi scheme that will appear everywhere in any kind of ecological-economic ecosystem.

The value that the depredation contributes to the ecological ecosystem is the limitation of the wealth, that is, the poverty, since it drowns the productive system by detracting means to the theory of capital without contributing anything in return.

Predation enters all phases of the theory of capital, subtracting both production and consumption goods.

The system will remain as long as the producer base is increased or the proliferation of predators is contained. This explains the genesis, flowering and fall of human empires, and of modern states.

As in nature, the greatest predators are those who show wealth and are visibly more pleasant and attractive, while those who actually generate it appear as despicable beings. We already begin to see, again, the lie in action, as it could not be otherwise.

Economic ecology can be summarized, as we shall see, in theory of capital, lies and Ponzi schemes.

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