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Dissection of the Religious Fact

Let’s analyze:

Religion accompanies man since he is a man … or even before. And it is not by chance. Religion is nourished by elements that proliferate specifically in the ‘standard mode’ of the brain, that is, in the most basic way and in which the immense majority of humans operate and whose purpose is none other than to cooperate with genes in their replication task.

In addition, religion takes necessary elements such as delirium, obsessive-compulsive disorder, conceptualization, legends, magic, culture, fear, anguish, infantilism, paternalism, fraternalism, idolatry, power, justice, faith, hope, altruism, love and ignorance. And, always, selling happiness, eternal to better being.

Seen this way, religion will see that it can be described as a pandemic. And it is indifferent whatever because they all have these common elements, without leaving out, of course, the spectrum of religions called Buddhism.Curiously, it is the way some people manage to condemn themselves to hell happy, thinking that they do just the opposite.

Let’s start with the most basic.

The religious fact always starts from not understanding that everything is conditioned, so they argue that there are phenomena that happen without conditions, because, or by the magical will of «something», or by actions, or compulsions of the patient. In order to be able to operate like this, they need that things can last in the end, stand on their own so that they are endowed with an «essence» or «soul», of a «being».

Since this «being» is a mental concept and would not have more value than an idea, it is endowed with «magical functions» that transcend the world of ideas and are capable of «sustaining» what the senses perceive, even reaching to deny reality as a mere «accident» reflecting the «essence» or «being». In this way, the patient immerses himself in the dream timelessly conceived within his assembly of believers in which reality is not real, but only a dream from a nightmare of concepts that have a life of their own like lead soldiers when they fight against others.

It does not matter if the «being» is inexperienced. For these sleepers the dream, their dream, is the real thing, not the palpable and verifiable reality. The patients live inside a complete hallucination.

Fear is the symbol of attachment of religions. Being afraid is normal, but fear can be a fantastic weapon in their hands. Fear is the next cause of obsession and we know that a pathological brain tries to fight against it through compulsions. Compulsion is a rite and there is no religion without rites. There are rites of death, without which the fear would become unbearable. There are rites of initiation, there are rites of pairing, there are rites of birth, there are periodic rites, there are rites for everything. The ritual acts as a disperser of the fears and serves to cohere the patients and make them act as if it were a group therapy.

It is unthinkable not to do a ritual to a dead person … for what? Really the dead person is of little use, but he does serve the disconsolate relatives and friends that he uses to cope with the duel … The duel? Yes, the duel.Religions are based on fear and in order to foster it, they need to use their suffering and make it public. The most pathetic case is that of a well-known character in a Latin novel who has been executed naked in public before the mockery of the people, tortured in a thousand ways as an example of what is desirable.

Some religions carry the fear of suffering to the extreme of sadomasochism, mixing guilt, eros and tanatos. An explosive mixture especially in the heads of teenagers. Pain is generated to blame oneself.Suffering is generated to achieve happiness. Death is praised as the prelude to life.

Keeping the patient in this centrifuge of absurd ideas, rotating among them at enormous speed, has the purpose of preventing the patient from thinking.

Respect to think. It is dangerous, the most dangerous. The patient must be an imbecile and must prove it. On the contrary, he is described as a heretic who comes from the verb αἱρεῖσθαι- haireísthai «choose, divide, prefer».The heretic is burned. And the apostate, which derives from the Greek voice «ἀποστασία», with lexical elements such as the prefix «απο» or «apo» which means «outside», the entry «στασις» or «stasis» which means «to place» or «Put», plus the Greek suffix «sis» that denotes action and the suffix «ia» that indicates «quality», that is, the quality of which is placed outside.

These two figures were those in the Assembly of patients standing apart or leaving it. This is condemned with public death, frightening and humiliating.

But stupidity is not here. The figures to be feared are those derived from the ability to think. They must repress to the very core of the subconscious.

The demons were minor gods who interceded between humans and the major gods. So, because that smells like thinking, they «demonize» and become «bad». the word Devil (diabolos) is much older than Christianity, and we have attested it in Greek at least in the s. V BC and did not refer to someone who disunders or accuses. The father of Christianity, Lactantius loved this word to name his spirit of evil, and considering that «the Evil One» has as its mission to separate and disengage from the «good» path to Christian patients by launching their temptations.

And what is a road for? Well, so you do not get out of it. The patient is treated as a sheep, donkey or horseshoe animal and is taken along the «good» path.

Within the group madness the patient is endowed with a mythological weapon called «free will», that is, an unconditioned and «free» will that only serves to hit shots in the foot. Because if the unfortunate does not succeed with what the group thinks (that is, what his supreme being dictates) is severely punished. The poor imbecile is only free to make mistakes and be «responsible» for it.

All religion is based on the most atavistic infantilism. The infant, unable to organize reality, introduces magical elements everywhere because magic only serves, and does very well, to explain what is explicable, but gives roost to the incapable or mentally lazy. And every childish imbecile needs a father and a mother and siblings. So there we have the figure of God. Of a unique god derived from Akhenaten and his followers who founded Judaism and Islam. Christianity only believed in a single God until the Trinitarians (Catholics) ended the Unitarians (Arians). But, three is the same as no, or not. Or yes, O depends.

Other cultures have gods for everything. There are gods that change their avatar like a tie. Other religions make gods to normal people, such as the ancient Roman religion or Buddhism.

The concept of God is absurd in itself as we saw in «The Absurd and God» that opens this work, and what is enlightening that the most absurd conceivable concept is placed as Summum Bonum in this delirium. If you were looking for imbeciles and keep them, the construction of God works perfectly.

The concept of a «Father God» brings together the group of patients and has a series of interesting effects.

In standard mode, the brain works in favor of its genetics and this is about replicating the genes themselves, in such a way, that any act of altruism within the family group even in spite of the loss itself is well seen and, In addition, it is rewarded by the basic brain with doses of happiness. This has an obvious genetic root, a mother puts her life at risk to save the child because the child is genetically more useful than a mother who will always have a lower reproductive potential. And the same happens with genetically close members.

The magic carom of the religion making brothers to the members of the group of patients serves to deceive the brain and that this one rewards any loss in favor of the herd. Thus «charity» or «compassion» is born, which is always between «equals», that is, a sentient being is compassionate before another sentient being, a Christian before another Christian of his same sect, and so on. In addition, it serves to separate those who are not members of the tribe. Those are «others,» who have «another» God, «other» rites. Everything in it is «others» when religion focuses on separating. Then there, again, genetics and competition come into play. Thus, in the framework of a «holy war» or a «just war», not only is there no feeling of guilt for harming others, but that is «good» and is rewarded with happiness.

In the end, it’s the usual, do not think and act idiotic inside a pack.

Childishness also has ridiculous aspects, such as idolatry. Children play with dolls and, as adults, they continue to do so. If for a child a plastic doll represents Superman and for him he has the same magical powers when he grabs him and makes him fly before him, that same infant when he grows older, has a bigger doll with even greater attributes. Sometimes the dolls are so big that they make huge constructions to put them. Other times they take them out for a walk in the midst of tribal delirium.

As the imbecile does not want to think, he does not realize that what happens to him is not «unfair» but «depends» on him. He prefers to think that everything is magic and that God rewards or punishes him depending on the result that is before him. That leads to a judicialization of life, where things and people are just or unjust. And it requires a superior power to reward or punish. This characteristic is what has called the attention of successive kings who have adopted religions to justify their legitimacy and in return benefit and benefit from them. The king as supreme descendant of God does what he wants, escaping the scrutiny of his subjects and leaving him to the strange power of God. Thus the king becomes the representative of God on earth and in this way has a supernatural power over each and every one of his subjects.

This is a huge advantage that led Constantino to create Christianity and make the Roman people assimilate it. But not only him. From Asoka to our days the temporal power has used the religious because religion keeps people imbecilized and can control it with very few resources. A little father in a town is much more efficient than a platoon of soldiers.

And, from the very beginning of religion, faith is traded in exchange for material goods. The secret of the success of Christianity was that the Emperor Constantine gave the keys of the barns of the Empire to the bishops taking them away from the tribunes, who were in charge of distributing the grain among the population in times of crisis. Thus, wheat was sold in exchange for faith. This worked very well in the cities, but not in the countryside, in the payments that supplied themselves. Hence the word «pagan», that is, not Christian.

This traffic is present in all religions and many are justified by this. Charity is a shameful practice that also benefits from payment in the form of happiness, as well as compassion. Thus, someone «holy» is understood as one who «benefits» the «poor» in exchange for «evangelizing» them. The expansion of religions in other geographical environments uses this trickery with the name of «missions».

Sometimes, the abuse is really despicable, like picking up dying from a religion and keeping them alive just until they change their own, and then let them die. It is another activity very applauded as proper to saints.

Another absolutely distinctive aspect of religions is faith. As the imbecile must not think he must believe, and faith is instituted as the great gift of God. Yes, you read it right. They replace the patient’s brain with a read-only memory and must be happy because it was their God who performed such a castrating operation.

Faith is learned, there is no other way, because it is neither rational nor based on any kind of logic. And you learn by heart. Younger children are reprogrammed from the earliest childhood to replace logic with magical thinking which is very easy for them. This form of mentally mutilating their own children is considered a right and is defended even with violence.

Faith does not go anywhere if it is not supported with hope. Which is what is offered to the imbecile for dragging an unhappy pseudo-human existence full of suffering and destined for hell. Hope is always concrete after death so there is no possibility that the fool returns to claim.

Pay today and charge after death. It is the same scam scheme as life insurance, except that the beneficiary can only be the deceased.

The religious, just for the fact of being, clearly demonstrates his deficit in the development of superior mental abilities that distinguish humans from other animals. The religious never achieved sufficient personal development to be considered a human. Similar to an abortion that does not come to birth, but having been born and having had independent vegetative life.

In this review we have seen how ignorance as a terminal illness does not allow a person to develop as a human being. It frustrates him and does not allow him to become one. The ignorance that is the root of all evils and religion is only one of its plagues.

In any case, what is truly ridiculous, are those patients who choose Buddhism as a religion (misunderstood, of course) and worship the Buddha, and sing to him, and pray to him, and have faith in him, and are compassionate, and they give alms, and they are generous and in the end, what they do is wallow like pigs in the pleasures of the senses like compassion. Happy to help people who see, or do, more miserable than them.

The famous paramitas are no more than forms of pleasures of the senses that bind to samsara and send the imbecile to where it should not have gone: to hell.

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