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Coding and Interpretation

Walking along the bank of a river you look everywhere, you hear the sounds of the forest, you smell the aromas of oak and broom, you feel the stones on your feet …

In truth, what is happening? Is that happening?

First, let’s forget all that. Let’s go to the essence.

We are receiving information through various channels. Only that.

Only that.

In turn, we issue information that serves to change incoming information, for example, when we «walk».

Only that.

The rest is already inside our mind.

We encode certain stimuli as certain colors, others as certain frequencies, others as a smell, others as a pain in the foot «here or there».

Using those adobes, the mind shoots and does everything else. It gives shapes to those colors, sounds at those frequencies, aromas to the smells, sense to the position.

Once coded, we interpret them together. We recreate a tree, another and another. Brambles that interrupt the path, some flowers that hang before our eyes, a stony and even difficult path.

We put together a 3D movie in which we create ourselves as characters and we get «inside». Inside … the movie?


You have to be very wrong to believe that the film is real, and worse, that the film IS the real thing.

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