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A Life of Lie

The function that lies plays is blindness with the result that the victim is unable to realize the obvious: conditionality or kamma.

The lie escapes any conditionality, is made of absurd ideas and magical thinking. It is like the role that supports everything. When someone is infected with lies, he errs in his actions because he does not direct them towards an obvious goal. It is like the blind archer who can shoot his arrows anywhere, usually his own feet, but also against others, and what is more serious, without having the intention to do so.

The person blinded by the lie is dangerous. No matter how stupid or not, your behavior will always be stupid. And we know that there is nothing more dangerous than a stupid fence.

Living in a world of lies does not save you from the real consequences of kamma. What you do has consequences, and there are no apologies or exemptions for alienation.

Guilt is part of the lie.

It happens that in the depths of the individual there is a need to understand why bad things happen to him when he believes that he does good things. Good and evil dance around him as if they were real and the unfortunate tries to place them as he can.

But he is not capable.

So he ends up using some kind of conceptual sink capable of swallowing everything, like God or Random. In other words, a lie sink. And the unfortunate suffers, and continues to suffer because he does nothing but actions that lead him to suffer, for stupid, and he blames him, like Job, God and calls Samsara «valley of tears.»

So imbecile he turns that he even comes to love suffering to convince himself that in inscrutable masochism he will find peace.

And what does not stop surprising me. They lead a shitty life and only want to achieve a life that does not end. There is no greater conceptual barbarity.

The lie protects itself by enclosing itself within the ego of its victim. It will writhe before understanding that the lie has it. Therefore, it does not serve only the reasoned explanation, because they will not want to listen and if they do, they will reject it and will run away.

It’s funny, but the lie looks like the devil of the exorcist.

It is not necessary to understand much to show that a possessed person has no way of treating him other than his possession. He has no goals or tools that are not provided by his devil, so he will never do anything by himself capable of getting rid of the lie.

Approaching a possessed person always implies violence, so doing it is a sign of important compassion. The direct confrontations are settled with the flight: the possessed covers his shame of «dignity» and «respect» and disappears without even engaging in battle.

The smart thing is to mark it as if it were an antipersonnel mine and leave it where it is, taking the necessary precautions in the case of meeting it again.

However, the compassionate tendency to try to save even the unbridgeable leads to the strange phrase of Diogenes:

I bite my friends to save them

Suggestive phrase that who was trying to be a dog, because the dogs saved biting and dragging the victim to the saving shore.

Also do not expect someone who feels your bite, a strong bite, to grab, to get him out of the lie that drowns him and of which he is not conscious, be happy and help you. Only later, when he has left the swamp and wakes up is when he realizes and thanks you. You do not do it for gratitude, but for an irrational compassion that goes against the hellish entropic current of Samsara.

If you have arrived here and you feel a strong pain when seeing you reflected, that you know that it is my bite and I bite you to save you.

And I do not do it for you.

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