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Two irrefutable truths are the starting point of a journey in which Tomás Morales embarks us through an incontrovertible investigative logic through an extensive and necessary stretch of historical analysis that leads us to discover the roots, characteristics and universal socioeconomic conditions that end up leading to Populism and the methods it uses for its implantation and perpetuation, regardless of the historical period.

Morales has gone further - he always goes further - and does not settle for characters that perhaps reach the category of a footnote in a history book, but points directly to the famous Jesus of Nazareth, proving that he is a myth commissioned whose construction was a carbon copy of the quirky Buddha mahāyāna and considering him the hero of the "most successful populist plot in history."

Deconstructing the Myth of Jesus of Nazareth is the title chosen to pull the thread that will confront with the truth “2,350 million Christians, 1,350 million Muslims, 520 million Buddhists, that is, a total of 4,220 million believers, or that is, people who believe it ”and the institutions that manipulate them.

Deconstructing the myth of Jesus of Nazareth is a mandatory reading that warns of the risks of faith for those who consider themselves believers and, therefore, unsuspecting collaborators of populist organizations whose legitimacy is based on History defined as “a literary genre of fiction […] A collection of stories written on request ”and that“ taking it seriously refers to the infantile postures necessary to achieve being indoctrinated and enlisted ”, and those are big words.

Happy journey

Jesus of Nazareth: The Deep State of Rome


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