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What is offered today is not Buddhism, it is New Age. And any investigation leads us to the same authors and translators. And it's not that it's funny. Buddhism was in death throes, once again like so many others throughout its history, and someone came to revive it. And this time it was the Theosophical Society. He managed to keep Buddhism from being engulfed by the Jesuit missionaries and he “saved” it by reviving it, but of course, giving it that theosophical flavor that is what permeates Buddhism today. A touch that corrupts the true meaning of the Buddha's Dhamma and that has contributed to consolidating ignorance even in those who sought the truth. If the water is thirsty, there is nothing that can be done.

Treaty on Wisdom 9 - The Light

SKU: W09
  • Treatise on Wisdom (Book 9)

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