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This book was born from the maturity of the author's teachings and shows us a very different panorama of our existence. In the sections of which it is composed, the fundamental teachings that give rise to a warp of the fabric of reality are threaded together, in a perspective somewhat different from that presented in "The Infrastructure of Reality" of this same collection.
With provocative, direct and unvarnished language, the author dismantles step by step the assumptions that have been instilled from an early age in our minds and hearts, leading us away from correct appreciation, and more importantly, alerting us to the shackles that bind us to existence life after life.
It is exposed how we live our lives virtually, much like the cybernetic processes that have practically flooded our society and experience the environment by processing inputs and outputs sifted by concepts. This era has been called the information age, and it is precisely this information that determines our behavior and experience. 
And the author explains that this information originates as a consequence of ignorance, which is like a potential field of uncertainty in which being-all-possible, each observer concretizes a reality. And this information creates a conditioning that constitutes the vital environment in which we exist, called Samsara.
And we continue to cling to it life after life, due to such ignorance and attachment to our way of life, which is the only thing we know.
The rules of the game are well known by the author and exposed in the chapters in a daring way, step by step, discovering the basic problem, its cause, its consequences and its way to liberation.
Reading this book may be a revelation, or cause a strong rejection, but it will not go unnoticed. Although not apparent, this is a technical book written from the heart; from its attentive reading it will be possible to obtain a good profit.
Or the opposite...

The Naked Truth


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