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The principle of economics governs life. Saving resources is the norm in evolutionarily successful systems. The problem is that after cutting so much, it is preferred to believe than to verify because it is cheaper. And believing is easy if you have lies at hand, because the lie that is designed to be believed. This is what this book is about, lies. Of the thousands of lies that build the vital frame of reference of the human being that serve him to try to spend a life without having to think, reacting to stimuli according to his limbic system like any amphibian. And, of course, of the smart ones who for thousands of years have used the same scams to cheat and live off the fools who consume their life, their resources, their work and sacrifice their children to make those who gave them rich and important a lie and they made it their own. If you undress a rich man and a poor man, you don't see the difference. The difference is according to the side where the lie is. After reading this book, nothing will be the same.

The Great Book of Lies

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