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In bullfighting , the banderilla (also called rehilete, garapullo or avivador) is a thin stick, 70 to 80 cm long, armed with an iron tongue at one end, and covered with chopped paper and decorated with Sometimes with a little flag, the bullfighters use it to stick it in the cerviguillo of the bulls to enliven it.

The banderillas also receive the colloquial name of avivadores or cheerleaders, because they serve to revive and excite the bull without taking away his strength. Formerly they were nailed one by one and not paired, as is done today. Pepe-Hillo already mentions at the end of the 18th century that nailing them in pairs was considered of great merit, and his technique had hardly changed since then. Banderilla is also an appetizer cover made up of small pieces of various foods, often pickled,  including the essential chilli pepper and pricked on a toothpick. But the third meaning that the Royal Academy gives us is the most appropriate: banderilla is a spicy or satirical saying or pulla. I present to you a wide set of paired banderillas, the pulla itself accompanied by its auction or tagline, in italics, inserted in gray. The intention is to stir you up to shake you up. They're not intended to do any more damage than is necessary to make you fall apart with laughter at a wake-up call. Among all of them you will find one that is going to bite you: that banderilla is made for you. To understand the banderillas it is essential that you look for the double or triple meaning using ingenuity and intelligence, qualities that the offended lack, so this work is not suitable for them. Can you imagine a bull that, when nailed by a couple of banderillas, bursts into tears and leaves the bullring in a rage?

By now, you will have already realized that in this luck the bull is you. Get ready for the fight and try to overcome it as best you can and laugh until you succumb.

Banderillas - Not Suitable for Little Offenders

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