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The Unbearable Difficulty of the Natural

Copyright © 2023 Tomas Morales Duran. All rights reserved

Sometimes there is nothing more difficult than easy. And there is nothing easier than natural. The voluntary release of different neurotransmitters is an innate ability of human beings since remote times that, at some point, fell into disuse and oblivion. The proof is that it is enough to do it once so that you learn to do it and there is no difficulty

in repeating it.

But the most natural thing becomes impossible for those who insist on assuming complications and try to use perseverance and effort, that is, brute force.

Here the saying that skill is better than strength can be perfectly applied.

To open a door you must fit the correct key and turn it. Similarly, to release neurotransmitters you have to focus on certain ways and nothing else.

Trying to pick the lock, kick the door, try to knock it over will not open the door, because that way it will not open. The same thing happens with the jhānas and even worse, because just as you can damage the lock and you will no longer be able to enter, with failed attempts you can damage your mind and not succeed.

If it doesn't come out, don't insist. If it does not come out, it is because there is something that is being done wrong. Do not repeat what is done wrong. It should stop, wait, and not retry until it's fresh again.

The main impediment is pressure, tension, anxiety and desire. If you experience any of them, it is indicated that you sit in front of the sea or the stream and smile until you calm down... for hours if necessary.

The exercises are simple and very fun, but they are exercises.

Logically, the easy way to learn to do a practical exercise is for someone to supervise when the applicant performs it while correcting mistakes and reinforcing successes until it is completed. Here the difficulty is to find a teacher capable of understanding the mind of the aspirant to guide him. This is a necessary paranormal ability for every skilled teacher in these subjects. Therefore, it is best to do it in front of the teacher because there you will have not only advice but also a suitable place and everything else. However, we will try to make it possible to do without this facility.

And at this point it is the difficulty that each one has in coupling what is said to what is understood that, no matter how strictly defined and clearly explained, there is always room for differences in interpretation in the absence of the necessary feedback.

The things that are not achieved are not very difficult, they are impossible.

The paradox that we are going to face is that once it is achieved, it is seen how easy it was... but only once it is achieved.

Let's see how we handle the teaching of non-contact practice and without feedback. At the end of the book, testimonials from people skilled in jhānas will be included, explaining their experience in case it can be of help to overcome obstacles that may appear. It happens that, while the exercises are fixed, the variability of minds is practically unlimited.

For this reason, face-to-face practice is ideal.

Let's try.

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