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The Sense of Existence

Copyright © 2023 Tomás Morales y Duran. All rights reserved

"We feel that even if all possible scientific questions could be answered, the problem of our lives would not have been further penetrated."

Ludwig Wittgenstein

So, at that point, having answered all the questions, there are no more questions left, and this is precisely, not the answer, but the starting point. The Sense of Existence can only be observed outside of all questions, outside of all language, outside of the world. And what is outside the world? More worlds, from which to observe this one. And others from where to observe them. And out of all of them, beyond what is conceivable, is where the unspeakable, the inexpressible, the unmanageable, the unconditioned resides and, therefore, where freedom resides. Thinking about all this is sterile. This trip is not made through the world because what we are doing is precisely escaping from it. This trip is not done through thought because what we are doing is precisely escaping from it. Learning to get out of the world, out of language to see it for ourselves. And when someone asks, they can only say, look at it. And you will come back with all the answers, seeing around you the true nature of reality that is static, inflexible and rigid. You have seen the magician's trick and for you the magic is over. No more illusions. No more happiness. No more suffering.

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