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Leave the world

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«The mystical is not about how the world is, but that the world is»

Ludwig Wittgenstein

As we have seen, to know the world it is necessary to leave it. Mysticism is precisely about the ways to get out of the world, that is, to escape not only from the sphere of language, but also from that of the senses. This gives us a good clue to rule out everything that is not mystical. For example, Christian mysticism is based on imaginative ideas based on biblical accounts. Other popular practices that deal with managing the verbiage of thoughts by either admitting, rejecting, or being indifferent to them have nothing to do with mysticism either. Experiences derived from inaction, such as simply sitting down, are not mystical. In a word, mysticism is not sitting down and pretending to be meditating. As mysticism functionally serves to understand the world, obviously any practice through which gnosis is not acquired, which is the knowledge transmitted by the devas, is discarded. At the same time, paranormal abilities are developed, which serve to see for oneself, in contrast to gnosis, which is the wisdom of third parties, as we have said. Finally, the development of the episteme leads to the final liberation. In order to assimilate, remember and transmit wisdom (gnosis, paranormal abilities and episteme), intuition is used to relate them spatially and logical reasoning to sequentially assemble the result of intuition.

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