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The backpack of acquired knowledge was a chain around my neck that made me go in circles. It took me three years to realize it. I got rid of it to see for myself. I was publishing a logbook to avoid having to remember and as a proposal for open debate. Nobody debates, at most, they insult. Then I understood that my path was very lonely. The clinical trials that I organized helped me to validate the results in third parties, verifying their objectivity, but only on the initial practice. The rest I never made public. However, one warm afternoon in the summer of 17, sprawled out in a lonely scree in the riverbed of the Balozano river, I understood the trap of the anagami. Despite my oath, I reluctantly accepted the Charge.

Treaty on Wisdom 6 - The Mahābrahmā

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  • Treatise on Wisdom (Book 6)

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