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BUDDHISM ARRIVED in the western world surrounded by an aura of clear trajectory. It appeared as a whole with different nuances ready to offer each possible adept what he might be looking for. Anyone you ask will tell you that each lineage is rooted in a solid tradition that has carried the word of the Buddha through time so that it could reach your home, your neighborhood or your city. The first thing that seems strange is that each "school" speaks of Buddhisms so different that they are incompatible with each other. However, it covers itself with the blanket that all paths are valid, a song that sounds familiar. Song that sounds like New Age. And yes, really what is offered is not Buddhism, it is New Age. And any investigation leads us to the same authors, the same translators. All curiously located from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th. And it's not that it's curious. It is that it is New Age. Buddhism was in death throes, once again like many others throughout its history, and someone came to revive it. And this time it was the Theosophical Society. He managed to prevent Buddhism from being engulfed by the Jesuit missionaries and "saved" it by reviving it, but, of course, giving it that theosophical flavor that is what permeates Buddhism today. A touch that corrupts the true meaning of the Buddha's Dhamma and has helped to entrench ignorance even in those who seek the truth. If the water is thirsty, there is nothing that can be done. Contains a Spanish translation of the Buddhacarita.

Treatise on Wisdom 9 - Radiating Light

SKU: T09
  • Treatise on Wisdom (Book 9)

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