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This book addresses the fundamental question that humans have been preoccupied with throughout history: what are we and where did we come from, and more importantly, where are we going…all of these questions have to do with what is” reality".

Tomás Morales, in this book, has discussed these basic questions from the perspective of what is real and what is made up in our own minds, which leads us to the ultimate question: why are we here or what is the ultimate goal? in human life?

The author has approached this topic of what reality is from many aspects, including the spiritual and scientific basis used by others to explain human behavior.

All these discussions make us ask again who we are and where we are going... this becomes a fundamental question in astronomy, now that we know, that the earth is just a kind of dust in the cosmos. Thomas has discussed this fundamental topic from his own life experiences and deep understanding of the scientific and theological foundations of human behavior, and I find this book to be a very deep look at human behavior!

Treatise on Wisdom 10 - The Infrastructure of Reality

  • Treatise on Wisdom (Book 10)

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