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This second sub-collection, called The Middle Fifty, contains fifty suttas and is divided into five chapters: the Chapter on Householders, the Chapter on Bhikkhus, the Chapters on Ascetics, the Chapter on Kings, and the Chapter on Brahmins. the early autobiography suttas MN 85 With Prince Bodhi and MN 100 with Saṅgārava. In total there are five suttas that focus and give historical context to the Buddha. The insistent repetition indicates its importance. On the spurious side, suttas MN 91 and MN 92 stand out in which the Buddha appears determined to show off his penis with phimosis and his very long tongue with which he could clean his ears. All to affirm that he supposedly had the legendary 32 marks of the great man, a myth that apparently dates back to Gilgamesh. MN 95 insists on it again. Also surprising in MN 84 Conversation in Madhurā and MN 94 with Ghoṭamukha, the insistence on taking an extinct Buddha as Master in a couple of extemporaneous suttas starring strangers where the plot takes place at an indeterminate moment after the parinibbāna of the Buddha.

The Middle Fifty - Majjhima Nikāya

  • Collection of the Medium Discourses of the Buddha  (Book 2)

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