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The Lie of Happiness

It is not false happiness, it is the lie of happiness, because there is no «true» happiness, as there is no perfect drunkenness. Happiness is the engine of humanity, a motor of lies, by which people are lost every day.

It is totally incredible how it is possible to talk so much about happiness, that cocks the foolish with the obligation to be happy, selling them eschatological tales of ultimate, supreme and eternal happiness and have not set out to see what happiness is, what sense It has and what it does, if it still has any use.

Two and a half millennia ago, the Buddha before leaving home had something clear: happiness born of sensory pleasure only brings suffering. And to reach that conclusion, it did not need to be illuminated, not nothing. It is the verification of tangible evidence. However, after so much time elapsed, no progress has been made in the knowledge of happiness and its consequences.

Neurologically it is more than defined: happiness is the reaction of a healthy brain to exposure to serotonin, an endogenous neurotransmitter, that is, generated by the brain itself. In other words, it is the effect of a drug.

And here I am puzzled when politicians of all kinds, while fighting blood and fire drug trafficking fills their mouths talking about happiness. I do not know if it’s ignorance or beyond.

Happiness can not be put into a vein, and that is ultimately a problem, because it does not go beyond the blood-brain barrier with which the brain protects itself. For serotonin to enter, it must be made by its precursors, fundamentally one of the essential amino acids, tryptophan, so that the brain using glucose and vitamin B can synthesize it in the brain for its use. In other words, here the narco and your kitchen is between your ears. The brain cooks it for self-consumption …

Do we file a report?

Because serotonin is addictive and is fatal to the individual. It is possibly the drug that has caused the most pain in history. It is more, it is the one that opens the door to all other drugs and vices, because what addicts are really looking for is to be happy with whatever it is, and that is a maremágnum of chemical drugs, risk activities, playful activities including gambling, it even explains wars, murders, rapes …

People seek happiness and do real barbarities to get it. And when they get it, they lose it. Because when it is synthesized, recapta and disappears and forces more, to do more and more to achieve a new chute.

The most terrible thing is that the ignorant society justifies and even praises many of these activities, even those that degrade beings, both animals and humans, such as compassion. People are happy being charitable with the inferiors , while humiliating them and desapodera take their dose of serotonin to endure another day. And the people above, praise them. They dedicate themselves to picking up the poor so that they can die in their arms without giving them the option to be a person, even if they are the last hours of their lives. In that supreme moment these vampires of happiness take away what they have left of dignity to feel good for a moment.

Happiness is a reward reaction that gives the brain when you get what he wants.But we do not talk about the superior brain, not even the mammal. We talk about the reptilian brain. From the miserable and primitive limbic system.

When a situation seems good to you, you will know the primitive amygdala of what is good or bad, it generates a pleasant sensation, and it will ask you to repeat it. If the victim listens to him, he will give him the caramelito, and he will ask for more.And so, until it generates a dependency on that activity. Whether it’s watching a movie, or playing roulette, poking a heroin spike or betraying a friend to get his job, at work or in bed.

And so you have the human stuck to vice, grabbed like a limpet, so it does not escape, hoping to get squeeze a miserable drop more of the drug that depends.

But, of course, the world changes. That is evident, and every change removes the victim from the theta of happiness. And stop sucking and lose it. That would not be serious if it were not for the bastard of the amygdala that punishes him with suffering, suffering that can be so atrocious that the poor choose to take his own life. Sometimes, he does it so continuously that he subjects his victim to a deep depression. And at the height of his cruelty, to see that it does not satisfy their desires, you can raise the dose a bit so that it will gather strength and commit suicide.

And at the height of imbecility, people seek happiness to end their suffering. That’s how imbeciles are manufactured.

I understand that a lizard if it finds food is rewarded, and if it also mates and if it fails to do so, it commits suicide by allowing itself to be devoured by a bird as a result of the depression produced by its limbic system. But … a human, with an evolved brain, with prefrontal areas capable of examining whether a situation is convenient or not …?

The people who lick the floor for happiness not pure reptiles or pure amphibians.An impressive evolution They show the failure of the human race. And the proof is that, moved by this absurd dependence, is ending with the only place in the universe where you can live. He self-annihilates himself out of pure happiness. !! Congratulations!!

And we are talking about the only knowledge that the Buddha had before enlightenment. Curiously, this process began when he realized that he could be happy without attending to the senses, but for that he needed to eat. I was in a fast fast for a long time. He ate rice and curd, just enough so that his brain could cook the drug. And he understood how it was possible to produce it without going through the amygdala, short-circuiting it and leaving it aside. That process is what leads to the jhānas.

Being unlimitedly happy, without depending on the amygdala and its pleasant and unpleasant sensations, there is no attachment, there is no aversion and there is no suffering. That is the first goal of Buddhism.

It is not more than that. Only that.

Do not be happy because you do not need to. It’s stupid to be happy, it’s useless.Well, to produce spasms if you spend generating serotonin. And that’s it.

Why suffer? Why be happy?

Oh yeah. To shave his head, get dressed in the red curtain of the room and go on television saying he is the happiest man in the world.

Poor wretch. And even more unfortunate those who call themselves Buddhists say they want to be happy.

Nice hell contemplates you.


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