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Lie and Economy

People tend to think that economics is something very serious, where nonsense has no place, because you play with money and that, always, is very serious.

Nothing further. If there is a field where the lies are out of respect, it is precisely the economy and, of course, the policy that is nothing more than an appendix to the previous one.

We only have to see the current panorama of governments and economic systems that we are suffering throughout the planet. There are communist, neoliberal, Christian-democratic, social-democratic governments that implement economic systems based on intervention in the economy and which they consider a science in which mathematics can be used to understand and develop it. Well, all these systems are based on such a gross lie, that even a child sees that it is a hallucination.

Everything starts by knowing what it is that puts a price on things. For how many hens can I change a carriage, and with the money, for how many gold do I change the carriage.

This seems like a simple approach, but it is fundamental.

The Spaniards in the sixteenth century realized that things are worth according to the tastes and preferences of buyers in the market. Thus, if there was something that was much liked, it was bought and made scarcer, so the price increased, and vice versa, if something did not sell, the stock increased and fell in price. And that was independent of any other consideration.

If you understand that this is so, you will see that what comes next …

We reach the eighteenth century and in Calvinist England there is an individual named Adam Smith, a religious fanatic (to be religious it is mandatory to be a fanatic) who began to describe the laws of economics.As for the Calvinists, work is the key that leads to God, it is «evident» that work is «sacred», so this imbecile states that what gives value to things is the work necessary to produce it. And it stayed so wide. In addition, since the cost of production is somewhat parameterizable and measurable, mathematics can be used in economics to convert it into «science». This guy builds the foundations of modern capitalism and his influence has reached today, for and against, but, yes, its barbarity is not discussed.

In case you have missed, we will see the difference between Spanish thought and Smith’s. According to this, the air fares are the same in summer or in winter, since the production costs are the same and are paid equally to pilots and cabin and land personnel. Yes?

No, huh? We all know that flying in August is much more expensive than in February only due to the fact that people want to fly in August, regardless of the flight costs. As the demand grows larger than the supply, the prices rise.

This is inexplicable for Smith. If the work is sacred, how does a product manufactured by a robot have value? It’s not worth anything.

No, huh?

By now you will have realized the falsehood. And now we will see how a set of lies is mounted with which to steal, subdue and murder half humanity from this evident falsehood.

The first lie is that economics is a science. As we can determine the value for the costs, there is no problem, everything is solved with mathematics, and if it does not work, of course, with more mathematics.

But, reality is screaming at you that it is the tastes and preferences of people that determine the value. But «tastes and preferences» is something absolutely chaotic and unpredictable. Why does something become fashionable and disappear from the shelves? Why do you have more work hours? ?

Tastes and preferences do not allow mathematics to describe them, so economics is not a science. It is not.

I’m going to keep making blood.

A smart Ryanair economist after checking all the variables he has been able to find designs the rates for flights to Pisa on February 17. After thousands of hours of work determined, according to their brainy mathematical models, the ticket must cost € 45, because it is low season, and in Pisa it is cold and also the baptistery is closed for works.

And he is so happy.

In this an Italian girl, friend of Justin Bieber ends up convincing him to go to Italy, and just blocks him in the off season. Speaking with a promoter puts the date of February 17 in Pisa for a concert. It is published on social networks and thousands of Bieber fans want to go en masse to Pisa the happy February 17, the day on which the baptistery is closed. And they fuck the rate. What they sell for € 45 could be sold for € 450 and would have been filled the same way.

Is it predictable, quantifiable, parametrizable, that the perspective of a good coitus of a Canadian singer will come to disrupt all the «scientific» work of the team of brainy Ryanair economists?

Not in any way.

If you drop an economics book and you see a single mathematical formula inside it, it’s because it’s rotten. Chuck it.

But this does not end here. Now the interesting thing begins …

A well-known Jewish vague of German origin, called Karl Marx (they were so vague that by not wanting to or approaching the printing press on their corner to work literally killed their children of hunger and cold, even so vague that their only concern were the workers) , grabbed Smith’s theory and in an absolutely scientific and objective way, he deduced that, being the work what gives value to the product, it is the worker who contributes the value and not the entrepreneur, so that this one that is not more than a miserable exploiter. This conclusion is not economic theory but pure ideology, so he began to write very thick books to endorse his ideology and not to bore did the communist manifesto summarized to instruct the European working masses.

This generated an impressive mess, with the proletarian masses pointing to the bourgeois as enemies of the people and all that.

In this, an Austrian-Hungarian economist, Carl Menger immediately pointed out the basic error, saying that the Spaniards were right and not Smith and Marx and all the string of lighting that emerged in the heat of the revolution’s barricades, and tried to stop them from so much barbarity.

But European governments saw the advantage of encouraging this lie. If the capitalists were afraid, they would sell them security and so they could steal happily. With this they won two things, first defeating Tsarist Russia by financing Mum’s son, Vladimir Ilyich, to be sent there, which he did phenomenally. The ideas were able to defeat an empire impervious to howitzers. And second, make «strong» states based on increasingly high taxes where security is sold in exchange for freedom. The golden dream of every sadistic ruler: that they pay you for fucking them.

Then, when security was not enough to justify such tax spoofing, they introduced the «Welfare State» to justify the mammathetic states that were created from these nonsense. Thus, in addition to security, services such as health and education are offered and sold as the great social achievements.

To see the deception just look at what these two aspects represent.

In the 2017 budget, education represented an expected expenditure of 2,545 million euros, while healthcare was 4,093 million euros. That is what is budgeted and then something else is what is really spent.

We are talking about 6.638 million euros out of a total of 343.102 million, that is, what justifies the «Welfare State» are 1.9 euros for every 100 that you steal. Great. In short, the «Welfare State» is where the government lives and the whole stream of grateful friends and bellies who live on the budget that serve to perpetuate the thieves in power.

But, you will say, we live relatively well. And now I tell you … and do you know where the crises come from, the defaults, and those things that visit us every 8 or 10 years, without fail?

Is it a divine curse?

That is what makes you think while you get rich and much richer when the crisis comes. And do not look at one party or another, both are governed by the same «scientific» principles and rob you with the same hobby. All you have to do is not bother your masters who are the ones who can take them away and who are never you, no matter how much they say yes.

The lie is harmful, it hurts and only makes the worst of humanity flourish.And there, in the midst of the worst of the infamous, is Satan himself: the Central Bank.

But that’s another …

By the way, in no country that deserves such a name is the Spanish evidence of value determination used. As it does not serve to steal …

Now, let’s reconsider … what kind of imbecile you are: an imbecile communist, a social-democratic imbecile, a neoliberal imbecile, a conservative imbecile …?

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