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The word «liberal» was the qualifying adjective given to themselves by the constituents of the Cortes of Cádiz opposed to both Napoleon and the Old Regime.Liberal was that person who acts with liberality, which is the moral virtue that consists in generously distributing someone’s property without waiting for reward.In this way, liberal means «altruistic.» Nice adjective to self-qualify.

Later the word liberalism tried to derive itself from «freedom» in such a way that any ill-informed citizen who believes in freedom mistakenly considers that the so-called liberal parties are those who defend freedom, when what they really defend is just the opposite. Liberalism behaved in a liberticidal way in three dimensions:

  1. The interventionism of the State, the taxes, the obligatory cams, greatly increased, the ability to organize the economy was attributed, and the big central bank scam was organized.

  2. Its ultimate goal is the inequality it creates from favoring oligarchies that are not subject to obligations and enjoy full political rights. What the state does not steal leaves it to its plutocracy.

  3. He uses lies to blame the citizen for the misfortunes that the liberal system causes him.

The most optimized version of liberalism is the neoliberalism that is its maximum expression. In this system there are two political and economic levels. The elite enjoys the privilege of the state, freedom to plunder the economy and is who appoints the elite of political power, so that the people choose among them. The other level, that of the plebs, lacks passive political power, since the system of appointment, elections, the oligarchic method par excellence, requires economic power beyond the reach of it. For the common people, the system functions as a social democracy with rights increasingly cut, and is responsible for paying the excesses of the elite when their Ponzi schemes fall cyclically.

Liberalism is the freedom of the elite to dispose of the goods of the whole nation without restrictions. That is liberality , generosity , altruism, in short.

The plebe is left with the debt, which is what he is paid for. The » money» FIAT is nothing but debt, a value that is based on the promise that someone made to a private bank that he would pay. There is no money in liberal systems, only debt.And it comes to the case that the plebs can spend their whole lives working from sunrise to sunset and have no more reward than having loans to get into debt.

Of course, State intervention in the economy that is a logical aberration, is to create Ponzi scams like pension systems that, from time to time, burst liberalism into radical leftist scenarios. The internationalists are called communists and nationalists, they are called fascists. In both cases, liberalism leads to the declared slavery of the Gulags or the concentration camps, although sometimes, neoliberalism creates its own archipelago of private prisons that operate as slave labor factories, mainly from marginal ethnic groups.

Right to left, fascism, liberalism, socialism, communism are nothing more than the items of a menu where you choose, if you can, how they enslave you and who is your master.

What really hurts is the deceitful imposture of liberalism when it is sold as the champion of «freedom».

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