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Layers of Ignorance

On the layer of interpretation and conditioned by the need for communication we have developed the conceptual layer. As communication is a kind of consensus among communicators, the objects are shared. A group uses a set of labels that they have associated with the interpretations. An individual of that group learns to associate them by imitation and uses them to communicate to others in that group the elaborations he makes about the information he receives and that he encodes, interprets and conceptualizes, labeling them as words.

From these words, layers will be built one on top of the other increasing the level of abstraction.

Even the individual himself uses that conceptualization to simplify and manage the underlying information. The development of language and the unbridled activity of Broca’s area made the individual maintain a permanent dialogue with himself and with others, trapping him definitively in the sphere of language.

In this way, the individual can only know what is in that sphere, that is, that which has a name or that can be assigned to it.

Thus totally isolated from reality, first by the coding layer, then by the interpretation layer, then by the conceptualization layer, then by the language layer, its level of ignorance is extreme.

Moving between non-existent, flexible and adaptable objects, it is impossible for him to go out into the reality in which he is, whether he wants to or not, submerged.

Therefore, to more culture, more brutalization.

To be expert in what is non-existent is to be an expert in ignorance.

The basic information is true. However, the different levels of abstraction introduce the lie as means and material of construction, so that what is called truth is nothing more than an agreement between parties, so far from that truth that they have never known.

The medium in which these truths move is called doubt.

And, in the midst of that doubt, they try to build systems that are coherent with each other.

Like a building built on an iceberg.

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